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    Default CSA Review 12/16 - 12/21...HO HUMMMM

    Ho-Hummmmmmmm.....just another perfect review of CSA....It was our 2nd trip and we stayed in an Atrium suite as we did the 1st time....2nd floor room....perfect(wife hogged the hammock) Flew Air Jamaica from Philly,,,left at 6AM,,,,at resort well before noon....there is absolutely no reason to worry about Air Jamaica....great flight times and they even gave us supper on the way home.
    Upon arrival went to Couples area and waited 30 seconds before loading onto bus to CSA with 2 other delightful couples also going to CSA. Less than 1 1/2 hour to CSA,,,,cold towels and nice cold glass of Sorrell drink,,,room wasn't ready so headed to beach bar,,,wife drank about 6 drinks before room was ready(as can be attested by numerous other couples who surely enjoyed her attempted walk to the ladies room after the 6 drinks),,a little wobbly she was,,,and all had a good laugh,,,,got checked into room before 3 and hit the beach,,,from there everything continued to be perfect,,,,the food was great,the beach was tremendous,,,the room was perfect,,and best of all,,,,,%100 of the people who work at CSA had a smile on their faces and were just TREMENDOUS,,EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM....If only I was better at remembering names,,,just a few,,,KEVERN and HORATIO at the beach bar,,,just perfect representatives of Couples,,,also Kadean and Anastatia(geeze I just mentioned names only from beach bar,,,did spend quite a bit of time there)...but like I said every person who was working while we were there were great. We also met so many nice people from all over the world and my dream is to be like the delightful couple from England who get to spend 4 weeks at CSA every year,,,OOOOO to dream of that...
    If you have any doubts about CSA,,,forget them and book it,,we are coming back in 2 years for our 25th Aniversary,,,can't wait..
    Happy Holidays to all...
    Mike(the judge) and Penny

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    Good to hear that you had another fantastic trip! I also would like to have the opportunity to spend 3 - 4 weeks at a Couples Resort. Could you imagine THAT??? We will be at CSA starting Feb. 26, 2011. Also booked an Atrium Suite - can hardly wait! You'll be back to CSA before you know it to celebrate your big occasion. Until then, the Message Board will keep you going...

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