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    Default Review of CN Dec 5, 2010

    Once again, we had an awesome time at CN! This was our tenth time and we had a blast, as always.
    The airport arrival was smooth and we were quickly at the CN lounge with a cold Red Stripe. The roads are in great shape now. We were "home" in 1:10. So happy to see Hubert, Sherine and Onique! We did not get a room upgrade and there was no chocolate with the champagne as our "reward gift" but "no problem!"
    The night of the repeater's dinner we had the great luck of sitting next to Misha. It was so cool to get to know him better and get an insight into the food choices. We love the Otaheite restaurant. They now make your salad at the table, fun touch. Super waiters Jerado, Adrian, and Leroy are still there and new favorites Brad and Darron made it great. We didn't really care for the new menu at the Heliconia so we never ate there. Cassava terrace food was super. Camicia is so friendly and nice! Excellent service at all meals. New fish Bassa was fabulous and all the great soups we love. They are now serving buffet desserts in different little glass dishes, really pretty and a nice way to sample a little of everything.
    Toileties are now in large refillable bottles. I appreciate the "earth friendly" packaging.
    We are scuba divers and just LOVE the watersports team! So helpful! The weather was pretty rough and they had to balance our safety with our fun and I felt they did a great job. You could tell there had been a hurricane and the reef was beat up. Fewer lionfish than last trip and Misha said they are eating them.
    They have replaced the wood decking with a darker burlwood look that is very nice. For some reason, I hate to say it, but the service at the Heliconia bar is not friendly at all anymore. I was very disappointed. It was just easier to use the red flags.
    With our resort gift money we got massages that were out of this world! Millicent is awesome! The gift shop has a nice variety and super staff (love Kenton!) but beware the prices are twice what you'll pay at the airport.
    Night activities were fun. Mr. Tucker #1 with us! Dance nights now are themed. They had a fun poker night and trivia games.
    We were so happy to see some of our favorites had moved up to "team leaders". Sherika so deserves the promotion! Please be sure to write on your review card the names of special staff! It makes us happy that Couples promotes from within.
    The last night we were there, they were putting up Christmas lights. It was so pretty! We can't wait to return!

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    Millicent is the best!

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    I am hoping that with all the negative reviews of the Heliconia it will go back to being "our favorite Italian Restaurant"

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