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    Default CTI anniversary

    Anyone know if anything special goes on when it is their anniversary celebration as we will be at CTI for this great occasion.
    Cant wait, only 15 sleeps till we arrive for 2 weeks.

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    Default Anniversary

    We have been there for an anniversary & they had Champagne in our room when we arrived plus flowers for my wife. Also received Couples T Shirts.

    On our 15th we renewed our vows at the resort & it was beautiful.

    We renewed right on the beach, the resort took pictures & then they had set up a table in the Gradens with a cake & 2 bottles of Champagne plus beautiful flowers on the table & more pictures.

    It was Perfect!!

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    I think vonpat was asking about happenings for the resort's anniversary.

    We were there in January 2010, and there was an anniversary celebration. Cocktail party with a band playing on the rooftop deck followed by a sumptuous buffet dinner. I met Randymon and Seandymon for the first time, and Kevin and I talked with Gary Stephens and Stefan Spath, whom we hadn't seen since they left Couples Negril. We received t-shirts related to the anniversary, and I don't think that they were for only for returning guests b/c we met with some first-time guests and they commented that they had received t-shirts as well.
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    Thanks Pamela. Yes I was refering to CTI anniversary.
    Just waiting to see what happens cos only 8 more sleeps and we will be there.
    Cant wait.

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    My travel agent told me that the anniversary party was on the weekend of the 14th and that it's quite the do. I'm looking forward to it.

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