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    Default Which Couples has the best weather???

    I had a discussion once and it centered around which Couples had consistently better weather. I was told CN has the best because of it's geographic location on the island.

    The direction which weather patterns tend to move across the island, the mountains and terrain of the island buffer the weather, and break up clouds and potential rain before they can arrive on Negril's coastline. The other resorts tend to take the brunt of weather patterns coming off the ocean in contrast, which are more likely to be laden with moisture, and have higher winds.

    Does anyone have knowledge in this area???

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    It all depends, the resorts on the north shore, CSS, CTI, the weather will blow in and out. The resorts in Negril have the mountains so the storm can get hung up and stick around longer. It just depend on the storm.
    Irie Mon

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    We've been to both sides of the island (Ochi & Negril) during April. Both CSA and CN are on the Negril side, relatively close to each other and share better weather than CSS or CTI on the Ochi side. We've experienced more rain, clouds and cooler temps at CSS/CTI than during our visit to CSA. Hope this helps.

    Bart & Bug

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    I would say the one in Jamaica... ha ha

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    It depends on the time of year. We have been on planes with people who have stayed in Negril and had rain all day everyday when we had nothing in OR in April. And we have been in OR and had rain every night but nothing in Negril in July.

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    It all depends on which resort your at and when. We've had good and bad weather at CTI, CSS and CN.

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    Thanks all.... We are already booked for CN 2/5/11 - 2/11/11! See you at the pool!

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    Just left CN and weather was great.

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    January-April really is the "dry" season on the Negril side of the island. If you go to, you can type in Negril and click on averages. We've been to CSA four times in January, and we've never had an all day rain in all those trips - at most, spotty showers. During our trip to CSS last year in January, during a ten day trip, we had 8 beautiful sunny days, one completely cloudy day, and one day of total rain. We did find out that when Ochi had rain, it had been completely sunny in Negril on that same day.

    So, yes, it depends on the time of year, and the weather can and does vary from Negril to MoBay to Ochi. Of course, all bets are off during hurricane season.

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