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    we were at Tower Isle not too long ago and I fell in love with the ketchup they had there. the cane sugar stuff, but I cannot for the life of me remember what brand it was. Does anyone know what it was called or even where I can get it?

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    I don't remember the brand, however, my hubby has order from and had good luck with getting Jamaican spices and hot sauces. You might want to check it out.

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    It was Grace brand. You can purchase it at
    Irie Mon

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    Grace maybe?

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    In the US look for any brand in the "organic" section. They are all also made of cane sugar, and will be very similar. Keep experimenting till you fine the one you like.

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    The brand is Grace. I love it too. I bring it back from Jamaica in my suitcase!!

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    Is it Grace? I think that's what I remember seeing at CSS, but I'm not entirely sure, and it's entirely possible that the two resorts use different brands.

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    most ketchup in jamaica is Grace ketchup, you can buy it in the spice store on the way home in the airport. I maybe wrong but I hate ketchup and eat Grace ketchup all the time down there

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