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    Default Great Holiday, Eh???

    We got back from CSS on Dec 18th. The resort was absolutely beautiful....lush, rustic landscaping, never crowded, amazing food, friendly and accomodating staff and met such wonderful people there. I was leary about going to Jamaica but would def go back there again. Try Sunset Beach--people are so much more friendly over there...D & D, K & Z-you made our many more) not what we expected, in a good way (first time at au naturel beach) As one employee said..."They are like family over there". Thanks CSS for a memorable husband wants to go back now!

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    Would that D & D be me? I think i know who you are, Are you T & G? We are thinking of going back as well and when we do we will let you know, and yes i do agree with everything you said, it was great and can't wait to do it again.
    The Two D's.

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    Yes D and D it is you we are talking about. I would love to go back now but Tam does not want to leave the little guy behind. Besides the boys say it their turn to go!
    I told my cousin about the place and she is going down now and I am full of envey.
    p.s my tan still looks great

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