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    Default CSA Feb 3....CAN NOT WAIT!

    Hello all, my first time posting on here, even though I have stockeratzied this site for a couple months. Husband finally got his vacation approved so we booked and now I can ask my question! All that was left for rooms is the GVS in the older section. We are just so happy to be going as we have wanted to stay here for quite some time! Just wondering if anyone has any pics of the GVS in the old section. I have looked at the panormic view about a million times and am really just curious to see if the room looks the same! Thanks in advance and can not wait to see CSW!!!! 38 more sleeps, not that I am counting!

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    You picked a great time of the year to go. The resort will be full. Have fun, relax, and don't wory about anything.

    Sorry, no pics of GVS's. We the like BFS's. But you can't go wrong with any of the rooms.

    Life is good

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    It's our first time too and we leave on the 5/2/10 so we will be there at the same time as you. Our booking only says garden room, so we have no idea if we are booked at the old section or new section as our booking doesn't specify.

    I think though, from reading the message board, that the rooms are pretty much the same at both sections, the only difference will be that one section is closer to the road and road noise. I'm sure they will both be lovely rooms, fingers crossed anyway lol

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    If no one posts a picture for you don't worry, the rooms look just like they do on the website. When you get there you'll be shocked as so many businesses "photoshop" their stuff to make it look better than it really is but you'll walk into that room and feel like you are looking at the pictures.


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    All the gvs back up to the road. On our honeymoon we stayed in an "oldgarden suite". It was lovely and have since tried the gvsuite. We never had a problem with road noise. Maybe all the fun,sun and booze helped with that. Don't worry, you will love CSA. Wish we were going then too as its our 7th anniversary. We have to wait until April. Have a great time

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    I hope you're into football too as they put on a great Superbowl party"feb6th". I've watched 2 there and I can't think of a better place to watch a game,with my toes in the sand with a cold red stripe. Have fun

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    I agree there is no better place to watch the superbowl. We won 2 free nights last year because we had the winning square so we will be there again this year. GO PATS!!!!


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