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    Default Fun survey for CTI !

    Hey gang great response on the other surveys, I love this board! Here goes...Excluding the staff, what do you love most about CTI. Try to keep it to just one thing. Ha

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    Well, that's easy, the quiet private beach that is located just steps away from the pools where only the friendly guests from CTI can always find a lounger to view THE island that doesn't have boats or jet skis zooming around it where you can go for private AN sunbathing if you chose. The beach is also in close proximity to Pool Grill and Patio as well as the Veggie bar if you get hungry while you are lounging and viewing the peacefulness of the cove it is located in.

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    The whole vibe and elegance of the Resort.

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    It's pretty hard to eliminate the staff. I guess we all know it's a given that they are second to none.

    For us, it has to be the island. Over the past fifteen years we have met, and remained friends with, some pretty wonderful people. Second to that, the peace and tranquility that we feel while being anywhere on the resort. And one more thing. We love the fact that CTI is situated in the private cove. No hawkers or gawkers.

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    The fact that it is the ONLY Couples Resort and, quite possible, the ONLY resort on the ocean that is THAT close to the water!! Literally built on the edge of the ocean, we adore listening to the waves and watching the changing colors of the sky and water, while observing activity nearby on the beach and pier.

    Also, the FOOD is outstanding!!

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    amazing ocean view from balcony

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    The island, and all the Amigos we've made there!!!

    Bruce and Kelli
    Fort Worth, TX
    CN 2006, 2008; CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CSA 2014; CSS 2016

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    The island...... hands down... or or hands up if you are moving in the crowded pool at the island... haha

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    The question.

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    That everything was close. And I love the espresso bar that is in the logo shop. I got a pick me up latte every afternoon. Yum.

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    Food, drinks, and friends we made

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    The friendly relaxed vibe. Really noticed how relaxed and friendly the guests were over other places we have been. (including CSS)
    Bonnie & Jon

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