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Thread: just re-booked!

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    Default just re-booked!

    WooHoo...can't believe in 3 weeks I will be sitting on a beach with a Tamiwami!

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    Im so full of emotions! Have a great time!

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    What's a Tamiwami and can I get one at CSS?

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    Have a GREAT Time!!!
    Art xo Francine

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    the tamiwami is the drink I concocted on trip with the orginal April Fools back in 2006 I believe. I LOVE ting (carbonated grapefruit soda) and absolute. I usually drink sea breezes with is vodka, grapefruit and I just started ordering ting and absolute topped with a little cranberry. We named it that trip the you can get it at the resort but not by name they will look at you like you are crazy!!

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