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    Default 1 month til CSA!

    DH and I are anxiously anticipating our return trip to CSA at the end of January. We went last year at the same time for a long weekend, which was just not enough time.

    This time we'll go for a full week! Can't wait to leave the snow and ice behind, in favor of lounging on the beach and floating in the water.... *sigh*

    See you soon, CSA!

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    We are arriving at CSA Feb.5 for 10 days of R&R. It is our 4th year in a row and we can't wait to come home! We just got over a foot of snow which is absolutely gorgeous BUT we will have no problem leaving the snow for the beautiful beach at CSA.


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    Default Getting Married 2/12/11

    you will be there during our wedding! I am super excited and it's finally coming up soon! We are getting there the 10th and staying until the 19th:-) We have been to CN, but decided to have our wedding at CSA. Some friends have been to CSA and had nothing but great things to say! Oh I can't wait!!!!!!

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