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    Do we know yet about changed to the Romance Rewards Program? We are at the Passionate Level and have our fifth trip to CSA booked for April 23-30, 2011 (we love that place)!

    Now that Christmas is over, it is time to work on my weight, excercise, get my regulators serviced, dream about Jamaica. I am wondering if we will get a check for $100 and an upgrade, if available. I am not so concerned about an upgrade, we have booked a Garden Verandah Suite for the past three visits (we had a Garden Suite the first time). We booked a Garden Verandah Suite for our upcoming trip as well. I am wondering if we will be on the new side (our preference because I like a bathtub) or the old side (still not bad because it is closer to the dive shack). What has everyone experienced lately? Are the Garden Suites that have been re-named Garden Verandah Suites been updated? The one we stayed in the first visit were definitely older looking.

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    Hi Gayle Ann, can't answer your question infortunately but wondered if you could tell me the differences between the garden suite and the garden verandah suite? Our booking only says garden suite, but I have read that they are all called GVS now? I'm totally confused lol

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    Amoricksen, we booked a Garden Verandah Suite. As I understand it, the Garden Suites (old section, shower - no bathtub) have been re-named and are now also Garden Verandah Suites. In three of our last four visits, we have booked Garden Verandah suites and they were in the newer section and had bathtubs with showers. We would really prefer the newer section and a bathtub/shower as opposed to the older section with a shower only, but are trying to keep an open mind.

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    Thanks Gayle Anne. I thought that was the case about old/new section, as I have been reading these threads for months now, although I wasn't aware of the shower/bath situation, so thanks a lot for that. I'm sure I have also read the the Garden suites didn't have glass, but maybe they have started to have glass fitted. Is that the case? Thanks again and hopefully someone else will be able to answer your question soon.

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