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    Default CSA - advice on buying a good watch locally

    Can anyone give me advice in shopping for purchasing a good quality watch whilst in Jamaica? Has anyone bought from one of the local stores or from the airport and can recommend a vendor? If you went on a shopping tour, was there a particular mall you thought was good value and trustworthy?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Depending on the brand you are looking for you can go on their website on find authorized dealers. I picked up an Omega at Island village.

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    Default Shopping

    Yes, if you go to Time Square, there are Jewelers in there who are reputable from our experience. It's a short taxi ride up the road from CSA and we usually plan a few hours there to shop around. We have purchased watches from a few of the jewelers there over the past years and have not had any issues at all, even when it came to be repair time, etc, back home.

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    I was going to say Times Square in Negril as well. I have purchased jewelry from Royal Jewelers and have been very happy. Definitely shop around before purchasing, though, and never accept the first price.
    Also, if you use your credit card, be prepared for a currency exchange fee as well. My credit card was 3% of purchase.
    We took a cab from CSA, and it was $20 round trip. The events desk called the cab for us, and he waited for us while we shopped (about a hour and a half).

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    Default Great Negril Jeweler


    I had a wonderful experience with Tropicana Jewelers located approximately 1 mile from the CSA resort within the Time Square Plaza. I visited the store during my honeymoon to purchase a uniquely Jamaican keepsake of this special trip and was quite pleased. I was able to find something for both my husband and myself because the prices were so competitive(and duty free). There were many beautiful pieces to choose from and wonderful customer service is to be expected. Ask for Sasha if you choose to visit, you won't be disappointed.

    Good luck,

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    Thank you for your help.


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    My advice is to know exactly what you are looking for. The deals I was offered on a watch seemed really good. I went back to the room and looked up the same watch from an online retailer, it was much cheaper online.

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