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    We are travelling April 5-12 2011 to CSA. It is our first time going anywhere tropical, does anyone have any suggestions on what do trips to do? and has anyone used the private car service from the airport to CSS? Thanks
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    You need to go on the Dunns River Falls trip.

    The private car will not save you time. The bus from the airport is with Couples guests only, you will have a direct ride to CSS, maybe with one beer/bathroom stop. The Couples bus trip is painless because you do not stop at every resort on the way.
    Irie Mon

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    Hi Rezmom;

    My hubby and I are 10 days from our 3rd trip to Couples and fourth to Jamaica. We were always go go go on our vacations and laughed at people that "wasted time laying on the beach."
    How we have changed! Couples has a magical power that makes you relax. You literally feel your shoulders drop as soon as you arrive. I guess what I am trying to say is don't overschedule yourselves. Maybe plan 1 excursion for the week and just go with the flow. CSS is a gorgeous resort with plenty to do if you choose. The beaches are very nice, the food is amazing and the staff will treat you like King and Queen. Plan to enjoy the entertainment after dinner and dance under the stars.
    Take the Couples shuttle to the resort, this is your chance to meet some other couples and make friends. Plan to have the best vacation of your lives, like we do every year!

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    My suggestion would be to spend some time at the excursion desk when you arrive. There are lots of brochures about other trips in addition to the included Dunn's River excursion. While 8 days seems like a long time, it will just fly by, particularly as the first and last days are mostly taken up with travel. Our first trip to CSS we spent quite a few days off the resort and wished we had spent more time at CSS. There is so much to do and explore right there. Watersports from included snorkeling and SCUBA with the most patient instructors you will find, to sailing and kayaking and then there are the beaches and pools (main beach and Sunset beach, mineral pool and grotto), hot tubs and spa and fitness facility...

    Having said all that, we loved the Tranopy tour at Mystic Mountain (chair lift ride over the rain forest, bobsled ride and zipline) and Dunn's River was a blast. I was a little disappointed in the Jet ski safari-snorkel trip we took, but I think it's because the water was a little choppy and not ideal snorkeling conditions. The group we saw that took the ATV ride was covered in mud, but smiling and laughing like crazy. I am considering a Blue Mountain bike tour for our upcoming trip in February. It really depends on what type of activity you are looking for, but I am sure you will find it!

    In regards to the private car, the Couples van is just fine, and I would prefer to spend $ on excursions or souvenirs. However, the one time we we did take a private car to return to the airport, it was a bit more relaxing and slightly quicker. Unfortunately, I don't know the name of the service we used.

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    Do take the Dunn's River Falls trip that's included. We've done the horseback riding in the ocean thru "Hooves" which is definately a must do! Haven't thought of using the private car service from the airport as the shuttle is good and gives you time to meet other guests and get to know about the area of there's a CSS veteran in your midst. We've been to CSS 3 times and have loved it each time.

    Enjoy your visit!

    Bart & Bug

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    rezmom - You have chosen one of the most beautiful and romantic resorts in the Caribbean for your first time destination!! You will absolutely love it at CSS! Send us an e-mail if you like to, and we'll send you lots of information about CSS, and some pictures from our 2trips there last year.

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    I don't think the private car is worth the extra cash. Part of the experience is the ride to the resort and getting to meet new friends. If you want to take the private car, I'd do it on the way back to the airport.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Could anyone tell me how much some of these excursions cost?
    We are looking at Horse riding, Dunns river falls and Fishing. We'll be out there in march for our wedding and I cant wait!

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