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    Default Kelli & Stacy 4/4/11 CTI

    My fiancee and I are having our "weddingmoon" at CTI in early April. We'll be getting married on our 8th anniversary on the beautiful beach at CTI.

    I think I've been nearly religious with reading this message board since we booked everything back in October. Although, it seems no one on the board will be at CTI between April 2-10th while we're there. Don't worry, we'll pretend like we have the whole place to ourselves. Perhaps celebrate by running around naked.... on the island, of course!

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    Hi Kelli - My fiance and I are getting married April 8th 2011 at 10am at CTI. Our good friends are getting married on April 9th at 10 am

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    Oh yay! We are getting married April 4th in the afternoon (we aren't morning people). I'm sure we'll see you there!

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    It's official we're getting married too!! April 5th at 11am at CTI.We'll be arriving March 30th to April 6th.
    We've never stayed at a Couple resort, we're very much looking forward to it, we stayed in Jamaica last winter and it's my favorite place!! We had such a great time, and we also met up with Paul Williams who made our trip!
    He's a driver who will be picking us up after our ceremony to go off the resort for some pictures!! I can't wait...the countdown in on!

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