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    Default CSS/CN split - some questions

    28 days and counting (it can't come soon enough). We are trying a CSS/CN split (on week each) n January and were wondering if anyone has advice on the transfer (i.e. how early to book the shuttle, what time to transfer, anything else you may have experienced).

    We were at CSS last year and are pretty familiar with it but for CN:

    I understand a jeweller comes on site twice in the week. Does anybody have experience in buying jewellery from this jeweller? What nights does he come? Can you charge it to your room?

    What nights does CN have special dinners like repeater, beach party, anything else? Also what is the dress like for the repeater dinner?

    Thanks in advance for your responses.

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    Hi Iriesue,

    When we transferred from CN to CSS in December, we asked for a 7:30 am shuttle, so Montego Bay traffic might be lighter. Bags out by 6:30 am was no problem, but no time for breakfast. We (2 couples) had a small van to ourselves, and did not stop at the airport, but we did stop to stretch our legs at the Coconut Bar about 3/4 way to CSS, where our driver got a meat pattie. It was 3 hours door to door. Our rooms were not ready when we arrived at 10:30, and it was impossible to get a snack until noon. Palazzina restaurant closes for breakfast at 10:30, and nothing opens until noon. We couldn't order room service, since we didn't have room numbers yet. Yes, we survived, but if we'd do it again, we'd wait until 8:00 or 9:00 am to transfer.


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    Hi Iriesue,

    You will love CN, we are also doing a split this year, CSS and then CN, but we will only be staying at CSS for 3 nights, that was all we would give up to from CN.

    In answer to your questions, the repeaters dinner is on Monday nights and it is a dressier affair. Your hubby will have to wear long pants. There is a beach party on Thursday nights which is a lot of fun.

    As for the jeweler, they are there on Monday and Wednesday nights I think. We have never purchased anything from them as I think they are little expensive.

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    We purchased a ring from the on-site jeweler a couple years ago at CSA (I think the same company is used: Tesori), and I've been very happy with it. Don't pay the first price offered; it will come down! I think a change now is that the purchase must be charged to your room. This protects you and your credit card. We went to see the display a couple weeks ago, and it wasn't there because the guy coming from Montego Bay had a flat tire and didn't make it. The cigar guy was there, though.

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    Hmmm - charging to room. Does this mean I can use my $500 credit? That sounds good to me.

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