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    Default Wi Fi in rooms at CN

    I'm sorry for asking this question that has probably already been answered....I did a search but nothing came up!! We are excited because we just bought a laptop and would like to bring it to CN and send some emails to which rooms or building block are best for getting the wi fi signal? I remember reading about this before but never paid much attention as we did not have a laptop to bring!!

    Thanks in advance!!! Heading there on Jan 15!!! Soon come!!

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    I've accessesed the CN wireless from buildings 7,8,& 9 (never stayed in any others). In that area of the property they have the access point in a palm tree inbetween building 6,7,8 & 9.

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    I have taken my laptop and never had a problem in building 6 until this past Oct. Could not get online at all. They told me they were having a problem on that side of the resort. Usually no problem but this time problem lasted all week. I did go to the puter cafe a couple of times and printed up my boarding pass there but sometimes when hubby is napping I like to get online in my room. So I would say you should have reception but then again, one never can be sure.

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    thanks...I will try to request that side of the resort...seems like the wifi works most places so fingers crossed!

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    I have never had a problem! My I phone worked to get email even on the AN beach at CN

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    Where did you keep your I phone? Got some kind of special pockets??? ;-)

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