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    My husband and I recently returned from our first trip to CTI. This was my second time in Jamaica and my husband's first. I am 31 and he is 33. CTI was like heaven. So relaxing yet fun!

    We had some difficulties with our flight as we woke up and received a call @ 4 AM from American Airlines saying that our flight from MN to Dallas was canceled (for no apparent reason as weather wasn't a factor). It worked out for the best as we flew to Chicago and then to Montego Bay. We even got to Jamaica a couple of hours earlier than our original time. Immigrations & Customs was a breeze and then we headed over to the Couples Lounge. We thought it may be a problem since we weren't expected to be there for a few hours but it was no problem at all. We had enough time for a bathroom stop and 2 Red Stripes and then we were on our way to CTI. We had a very entertaining driver named Doc Admiral that took us to CTI along with a few other couples. It took us a little over 1.5 hours. We stopped at CSS to drop off 2 couples and then made the short journey to CTI. When we arrived at CTI we were greeted with a cool towel, rum punch, and welcoming smiles. Byron helped us take our things to our room and then we got all settled in.

    The food was simply AMAZING!!!! My husband and I tend to be picky eaters and we LOVED everything we had. There was nothing that we had that we didn't enjoy. The majority of our meals were at the Patio. We especially enjoyed the fruits, juices, omelets, potatoes, and chocolate croissants at breakfast. At lunch my husband was a big fan of the pasta station. 8 Rivers was my favorite. We ate there on Friday (Christmas Eve). I had Caribbean Crab Cakes, Lobster Bisque and Oven Baked Lobster. It was beyond wonderful. Best meal I've ever had!!! My husband had the same except his appetizer was scallops. He also enjoyed his meal very much. His favorite spot was Bayside. Originally we didn't know if we were going to enjoy the food and thought we would just go for the atmosphere but turns out that the food was TERRIFIC!!! We also enjoyed a few meals at the Pool Grill. We enjoyed the jerk chicken, self-serve ice cream, and Ting there. You can't make any bad choices when it comes to where and what to eat. Everything was fabulous!!!

    The drinks were great! We spent a lot of time at the swim-up bar and they were always willing to give wonderful suggestions of drinks. My husband LOVED Jamaica Smiles (strawberry daiquiri, pina colada, rum cream). In fact, he was quite proud when he got other guys hooked on them. I stayed with pina coladas which were great topped with a little rum.

    The entertainment leaders (sorry if I misspell any of their names-Nikeisha, Robeisha, Katie, Matthew & Brenton) were so entertaining and so much fun. We felt by the end of our stay that they were more like friends as we were getting hugs from them. We played music trivia, taboo, jeopardy, and couples trivia at the swim-up bar. We also listened to the band, played casino night games, and danced to the reggae band. On Christmas Eve, the CTI choir sang songs out on the main pool deck. They were such wonderful singers. We went to the piano bar two times. The first time the piano player was okay but the 2nd time the piano bar was VERY entertaining (Jose).

    The staff was FABULOUS!!!! Seriously, we just can't say enough good things about the staff. They were so friendly, welcoming, and always had a smile on their faces. Anything that you needed, it was done right away. We never had to ask for a refill of water during any meal as they were there was soon was our glasses were even half empty. We miss many of the staff members and our fun conversations we had with them.

    We stayed in a deluxe garden room. Our room was clean and comfortable. We had a nice little balcony off the back. It was awesome being able to watch the birds and hear the different sounds at night time. So RELAXING!!!

    We LOVED everything about CTI and can't wait to come back soon!

    Liz & Shane

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    Welcome to the family Liz and Shane! When you go, you know!

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    Nice review! Quick, simple and to the point. I am glad that u had a nice time. Look forward to enjoying CTI in the near future.
    Terry & Tonia Collins

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    Liz and Shane,
    My husband and I are also from MN (St. Cloud area) we went to CTI for our first time in early dec! I loved reading your review, as I was shaking my head yes to everything you wrote! Isn't it just a wonderful place! I agree will everything you said, this place is truly magical!!

    I tried telling my friends and family, when we got home, and they were like, "Yah cool.." No one really understand how magical it is until you go and experience it. My husband said I have been in a funk since we got back, that cause I WANT TO GO BACK TO JAMAICA CTI! haha

    We also cannot wait to go back!!!

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    Thanks for your great review!

    Funny, I had heard all about Jamaica Smiles on the MB before we went to CN last March and when I asked for one (several different times) not one bartender knew what they were!

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    Thank you for the great review, we will be there for the first time in 10 days and when I read your post I got even more excited which I didn't think was possible!!

    Thank you,

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    That's why we have our 5th trip booked for July and can't seem to get the inclination to visit other islands or even resorts in Jamaica!

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    Thanks for your review. We are headed to CTI for our honeymoon in May and can't wait!! Sounds wonderful!

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    we just found out we got CTI on our secret rendezvous. very glad to read your review...

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    It's funny that between the different resorts they don't know the same drinks...we split our time last year between CN and CTI and they make both the Miami Vice and the Bob Marley's a bit different at CTI...but they had this one drink at CTI called monkey juice that was AWESOME!! And I've never seen it at CN...we leave for CN in a week and a half and I am for sure going to see if I can get Tennyson to make me a Jamaican Smile.

    Oh and Byron...he is a ROCK STAR!!! My hubby and I love him...our very first trip to Jamaica he was actually at CN because they were remodeling CTI. When he saw us get off the bus at CTI last year he immediately yelled out Detroit Pistons!!! (we are obviously from Detroit) We were nervous about loving CTI as much as CN so having Byron there to greet us just made all the difference in the world.

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    Hillystyles! Let me know if Tennyson can make you a Jamaican Smile!

    I will be asking at CSA when we go in March. Has anyone had a Jamaican Smile there?

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