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Thread: Dive depths?

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    Default Dive depths?

    We are travelling to CTI where I believe there is a deep dive on the morning and a shallow dive on the afternoon. Can anyone tell me what the depths for each dive are please?
    I am taking the open water course which will be during the weekends of the 15th and the 22nd. This will qualify me to 12mt or 40ft. I am then considering taking the advanced course which will qualify me through to 18mt or 60ft, however I only have 4 weekends left after I complete the open water course before we come out and time is therefore tight so I want to know that I will be using the extra qualification if I take before travelling.
    Thanks in anticipation.
    regards Dave

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    Dave, not sure what dive sites you'll be going to but the open water cert allows you to go to 60 ft- not 40, and the advanced cert allows you to go to 100 ft- not 60!

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    Open water will do you just fine. At 60ft there is plenty to see. You could also take the advanced there. We did ours last October but bear in mind you are supposed to have a certain amount of dives logged before you take it. I say go enjoy what you've learned and get comfortable and experienced. The dive crew are the greatest at CTI, you'll have a blast.

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    Sorry, forgot to say you can go on the moring and afternoon dives with open water cert.

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    We went to 80 feet on the deep dive at CSS in December.

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    We went to CSS in 2008 and dove sites shared by CTI. We did depths of 70ft, 30 ft, 28ft.65ft, 48ft, and 28ft. We have been diving for 15 years and have only the Open Water cert. Be sure you have them take you to the HMS Catherine wreck!

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    Thanks Bruzbabe, you're right I have just checked and the qualifications are for 18mt / 60 ft and 30mt / 100ft respectively, not sure why I had the shallower depths in mind . If anyone does know the dive depths for CTI though please let me know as it would be good to know.
    As always all assistance gratefully received.
    Regards Dave and Chell.

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