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    Default 1st trip to Couples

    We have been booked for our honeymoon since October and I can't wait for our first experience at Couples. I have to wait till may 15th but it will be here sooner than I think. I'm so excited. I've been reading this message board for months trying to learn as much about the resort as I can. May can't get here soon enough for paradise! !!!!!!!

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    Congratulations! Where are you going?

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    My sister in law and her husband will be on their honeymoon at swept away around the same time as you! I'm curious as to which resort you're going to as well. They've invited us to crash their honeymoon, which I *wish* we could do - but alas, we have to wait a little longer to head back to CSA. I'm so excited for them to experience it!!!
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    Sorry I forgot that bit of info. We are going to be staying at CSA. I can't wait

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