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    What is the best way to call the states other than Skype? Last year at CN we couldn't find the digicel calling card at the gift shop and after reading about them online, I am not even sure if they work for calling the US. We will be at CSA this year.

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    Hi, this is what we do.. bring your labtop or ipod touch, us the wifi, and have a google voice account set up, and you are good to go, you can call home with your google voice account and it should be free, it was for us and we live in the us and called the us many times when we were in Jamaica. Turn off you cell phone..

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    Good idea, but not planning on bringing a laptop and not very tech savvy. Last visit I saw calling cards at departure portion of airport, but not sure I saw any on arrival - and not sure if they work for calling the states.

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    Is there cell coverage at CN? I am from Canada and am wondering if my phone will work. I have it for emergancy use only and will not be "that guy" texting at the pool or beach.

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