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    I was wondering for all of you experiences CSS travelers on what restaurant has the best view at sunset. If I could be so lucky as to make a reservation for dinner at sunset which would be the best. Thanks for your input.

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    I think that sunset is too early for the restaurants to be open. Your best bet is to head over to sunset beach and watch it from there.

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    None of the restaurants serving dinner at CSS have a sunset view. Depending upon the time of year you're traveling, sunset might occur before the restaurants open for dinner.
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    You cannot see the sunset from any of the restaurants at CSS. The most picturesque, in our opinion, is the Casanova where you can dine out on the terrace and look over the resort and ocean.

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    Except from Sunset Beach, you cannot see the sun setting into the ocean from CSS. However, we thought Casanova had a lovely ambiance to the outdoor seating area on the terrace. And you also cannot beat a table on the beach at the beach grill for dinner. You just need to get there when the restaurant opens for dinner in order to get one of the tables on the beach. Nothing like eating dinner with your toes stuck in the sand.

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