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    Boy, do I already miss CSA! Thought I'd do a quick trip report and shout out to a couple people.

    Our vacay at CSA was wonderful -- so I won't get into the travel nightmare on both ends, thanks to an inept Delta Airlines. Thankfully, our middle five days were wonderful.

    We were supposed to arrive the 18th, but we didn't get there until the 19th. We only waited about 10 minutes in the Couples Lounge; Customs was fairly efficient and didn't take too long, either. This is good. The bus ride to CSA was uneventful. We enjoyed the scenery along the way and also had a Bob Marley video playing the entire way.

    Check-in was easy and efficient. This was our second visit to CSA, so were we "repeaters" this time! We did get our room category (BVS) right away (we were bumped out of it the first night last time), so it was nice to be in one room for the entire visit. We were in 4217 -- had a great view and were quite close to the beach bar. Bonus!

    The room was fine although starting to show some wear and tear. The hook on the back of the bathroom door was half busted off, and the toilet seat was also broken. The furniture is starting to get a bit beat up, but hey, we're at CSA! The one issue I had with the room was the large number of ants. We didn't notice this at all on the last trip, and we were on the first floor then. This time, they were everywhere!

    We spent a lot of time at the beach even though it was very windy. I think we only had the green flag up once during the trip. According to staffers, it was colder than usual (but 80 degrees warmer than home -- Iowa)! We thought it was lovely. We could live with the wind. The beach was a bit "shorter" this time but every bit as beautiful.

    We had our pictures taken at sunset (very fun and highly recommended)! "Z" was our photographer, and he was fun and good. we're so glad we did it! The pics were expensive, and honestly, they'd probably sell more and therefore make more if they brought those prices down.

    We also did the Couples exchange and spent the day at CN. We were really glad we did this. CN is very nice, but I believe CSA will continue to be our home in Negril. If you get the chance to exchange, whichever Couples you are staying at, do it. It felt like a second vacation at a new place!

    We met more people this trip. I think it was because we were so much more comfortable this time, already knowing the lay of the land and knowing what to expect. A big shout-out to Randy and Heidi from CA -- what fun we had getting to know you two! The Bob Marley afternoon at the beach bar was the highlight of our trip! Funny, funny, funny! And SO fun!

    One of the rooms around us (I will not say which one) provided a steady stream of interesting smelling smoke the entire stay. Another room in the building across from us learned that if you are going to dance naked, you should probably close your blinds first (tee hee!).

    We also took a cab over to Times Square Mall -- good time and good shopping there! We walked a good part of the beach both ways. The entire trip, the food was great; Repeaters' Dinner was excellent, and we were so happy being back!

    Two employees really stood out for us: Eduardo at the beach bar is FANTASTIC. Can't say enough good about that guy. He's fun, entertaining, efficient as all get out, and absolutely hysterical. We really enjoyed visiting with him, and so did everyone else who came to the bar. I found that one Bob Marley per day was my limit. Ha. Also, our housekeeper, Devlin, did a great job. She is a sweetheart and also very good at her job. Thank you both so much for adding much to our experience.

    Something we noticed that we did not see last time was the number of families there with teenaged children. There is NO way many of these kids were 18. A couple other couples we hung out with mentioned it as well, so it wasn't just us noticing. At the Repeaters' Dinner, we asked about it, and the inquiry was not met pleasantly. In fact, the rest of the dinner was a bit tense after that. Clearly, the Couples' employee at our table did not like that being brought up. We saw no fewer than four families with teens there during our five days. I truly hope this is not a direction Couples continues to go toward in the future.

    We will certainly be back. We are considering CSS, but every time I think about going to Jamaica and not being at CSA, I get a little bummed. I am trying to find a way to make it in 2011! Thank you for a relaxing, beautiful vacation again!

    Lisa and Randy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leeza14 View Post
    the number of families there with teenaged children. There is NO way many of these kids were 18. A couple other couples we hung out with mentioned it as well, so it wasn't just us noticing. We saw no fewer than four families with teens there during our five days. I truly hope this is not a direction Couples continues to go toward in the future.
    Thanks for the great review!

    It is distressing to read that there were families at CSA? The reason why we choose Couples for our vacation is that it's adults-only, couples who are 18 years and over.

    You would think that if anyone books at Couples and the birthdate shows they are under 18 years old, the reservation would be rejected once reviewed by Couples management?

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    I have been to CSA and never have seen teen-age kids there, this will be our 5th time in about 20 days. I will be very dissappointed also if this is going to happen. hope not as on our last visit there were some other issues that we had , but I love it there and we thought we would give it a shot. I hope things are back to normal, as if this trip is as dissapointing as last years, as much as we love it, will probably look for another place to call home. Seriously I have come to the conclusion as long as it is in Jamaica I really dont care as it has to beat the Mid West in Jan-Feb. lol

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    Thanks for the review! We'll be there January 22nd for our 2nd time and can't wait. Is there a dress code for the Repeaters Dinner? What day is the trading places to CN? So looking forward to warm sunshine!

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    We were at CSA 12/10-12/17, and we also noticed two families with teenage kids. Now, they may have been pretty close to 18, but it was definitely a family vacation, and not "couples". I initially thought maybe they were there on a day pass for a wedding, but we did see them more than one day. They weren't a problem, but it took me by surprise seeing them there.

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    Jazzygirl, the Repeaters' Dinner was about the same as going to Feathers. The trading places days are MWF. I highly recommend it!

    jamaica_hooked, I'm hoping it was just a holiday thing. The teens caused no trouble and weren't inappropriate at all, but I (along with several others) were just very surprised to see these families there. No one could make me believe these kids were all over 18 -- no way. Is the economy bad enough that rules are being bent (even temporarily)? I don't know. I just hope, too, that it doesn't continue. Lots of people were doing double takes at breakfast at Patios, which is where we saw them most often. I would guess the teens we saw were 15 and older.

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    Thanks for posting the detailed review. We will be back in 20 days!

    In four trips to CSA, I've never seen any teenaged kids clearly staying at the resort (I have seen kids as part of wedding parties and walking along the beach). The whole reason we choose Couples is that it is adults only, couples only. I completely understand that there are 18-year old "couples". I'm fine with that, but a family with teenaged kids? Not cool at all. I'd really like to hear any feedback from management on this. Was it just a fluke? Because, really, this would seriously be a no-go for any future bookings.

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    Boy, I have to say that while we absolutely fell in love with CSA part of that was the lack of families. It was our 15th trip to Jamaica but our first to Couples. The prior resort we visited allowed families and the price difference was significant and while the other resort was nice we felt it was worth it not to have the "chaos" of kids around. If Couples trends toward allows people under 18 it will definitely be a deal breaker for us as there are other nice resorts on the island that are much cheaper, the distinguishing factor is atmosphere.

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    It is very rare that a family as mentioned in this review actually shows up at one of our resorts. Please remember that we attract a worldwide audience and as hard as we may try, there are some who simply do not get the message.

    I believe in this particular case, the family mentioned was from Germany. Further, I believe the Husband and wife had been to Swept Away prior to it being under the Couples umbrella. At that time, it was considered an adult only, not couple only resort.

    Perhaps this was part of the confusion. Once guests arrive it would be nearly impossible for us to deny access.

    Couples Resorts

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