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    Default Honeymoon in Feb.?

    We are planning our honeymoon for the end of Feb. Wondering what to expect for weather? We also would love to know what anyone thinks about the beach at CSA? When they say that is a public beach, should we expect it to be crowded? Thanks for any help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JMK View Post
    . . . . When they say that is a public beach, should we expect it to be crowded? . . . .
    All this means is that Couples cannot stop anyone from walking along the shoreline in front of the resort. Just as you will be able to walk up and down the beach and pass other resorts, guests of other resorts will walk by CSA. That doesn't mean, however, that someone who is not a guest at CSA will be able to pull up a lounge chair next to you. Similarly, you won't be able to hang out on another resort's beach (not that you'll want to).
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    The beach at CSA being "public" is actually wonderful. We have stayed in Montego Bay 14 times where the resorts have "private" beaches and it was wonderful to walk the long public beach in Negril. People not staying at CSA aren't allowed to come up onto the actual beach area or to linger on the beach, they may walk the beach at the water line. But this means that you may also walk along the beach at the other resorts as well so it's a trade. 7 mile beach is lined with interesting beach vendor shops between the resorts, locals cooking food, Margaritaville, lots of things to see and experience. There are vendors that walk along the waterline and they will offer to sell you, parasailing, etc. If you aren't interested just politely say no and they move on. If you are bothered by them just choose a chair back from the water and you won't be solicited.

    The weather in Jamaica is essentially the same temperature all year. You are not going to be there for hurricane season so no worries there. Negril gets a rain shower in the afternoon almost every day, it might last an hour or two. It won't ruin your day or your trip, it will still be hot so you can stay outside or choose to sit on your verandah or go to your room for a while.

    You will love Jamaica, CSA, the beach and the weather.

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    Thanks so much for the advice! We hope to book our trip tomorrow, we have been debating for a while. Can't wait everything sounds great!!!

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