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    Default Phoning back to canada

    Leaving in about 10 days and leaving some kids back at home. Just wondering what the best way to call them without having to pay too much? Any help and advise would be appreciated.

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    Not sure which resort you're staying at, but if you plan on taking your computer and there's WIFI like there is at CSA, buy some minutes on Skype and do it that way. We are from the US and it was less than 3 cents per minute! Way cheaper and easier than any calling card...

    Have fun!

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    Skype on the iPhone or iPod Touch works fantastic. Of course Skype on your laptop would work too, although it can be a pain lugging the laptop around.
    Last April I made 4 calls with my iPod Touch back to Canada (Skype to landline) for a total of .47 cents. Skype to Skype calls are free.
    The other option is mobile phone. Depending on your Canadian cellular provider if it is GSM, you should be able to call back home to Canada for about $3/min.

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    When we went to CSA in Oct I just brought my ipod touch or labtop and made calls using my google voice account, that is a great and free option.

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    Skype for sure, did it last year from Barbados to Canada and it did not cost a thing, best part is you can see them!!

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    You can also use a webcam to chat for free on any of the messenger programs like yahoo or whatever you use. If you have a new ipod or iphone you could use that for video chatting too and it wouldn't cost you anything.

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