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    Default Honeymoon advice....CSA or CSS?

    Thanks in advance for any advice. My fiance are planning on booking a trip to either CSA or CSS soon. We have been researching the two resorts and would like to hear from anyone who has been to both resorts and which you would prefer. Please share your experiences and pros/cons.


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    We've been to both, and I guess it all depends on what you're looking for. You'll find people on the board who CSS is their fave, and also people who CSA is their fave. We've been to both, and CSA is our fave...

    If the beach is important to you, then CSA is the way to go. CSA's beach is soft, white sand. CSS's beach is rocky sand, and very small. However, if AN is important to you, then CSS is the way to go - as that is not an option at CSA.

    I do like the room service dinner option at CSS (not available at CSA).

    If you're interested in working out at all while you're there, then CSA wins hands down. The workout facility is pretty amazing. CSS's is very standard, like a typical hotel workout room.

    We preferred the food at CSA, possibly because there are more "healthy" options available than at CSS.

    We also preferred the layout of the resort at CSA. It's flat, spread out, while at CSS, there are many stairs to contend with. Then again, we were in a beachfront room, which is the lowest part of the resort, and if you want to go to the restaurants or bars at the top of the resort, it's quite a hike. Or if you go up there and have a few too many drinks, ahem, not that that EVER happened to me.. but you may find the stairs a challenge on your way back to your room (if you're beachfront).

    If doing Dunn's River Falls is important to you, then CSS is the one to pick. DRF is right up the street from CSS and is also an included excursion. If you went from CSA, it would be a 2-3 hour drive each way, which would probably take up most of your day.

    And I don't know if it's just the time of year we've visited the Ochi side of the island, but it seems like we've always had better weather in general in Negril. We could have just lucked out, because I know the weather has to get bad in Negril also, but for us, we've always had more days with blue skies in Negril. You will get a typical afternoon shower in Negril, which lasts maybe an hour, then the skies will open up and you'll enjoy a beautiful sunset. Last year when we did the CSS/CSA split, the only truly sunny day we had at CSS was the first day we arrived. We didn't even get a tan until we got over to CSA. We've also been to another resort on the Ochi side several times and experienced the same thing with the weather. Again, it could have just been the timing for us.....

    If you have the time, you could always book a split. Couples will transfer you to the second resort with no additional charge (aside from tipping your driver). Only do this if you have enough time to spend at each. I think we did 4 nights at CSS and 5 nights at CSA.

    Hope you find this helpful. There is a review of our split between CSS/CSA somewhere on this page (you may be able to find it by searching CSS/CSA split, not sure) that also has a lot of comparisons to CN since we'd been there before.

    Good luck!
    Melea & Joseph
    CN - '06, '07, '08
    CSS and CSA - '09
    CSA - '10

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    There are many on this MB who are of the opinion that CSS is the most romantic of the four resorts, but it is my least favorite of the four.

    We spend all day on the beach when we're at Couples and a lot of time in the water. The ocean floor at CSS was mucky, which was a big turn-off for me. I prefer the beaches in Negril, so while CN is my favorite of the four, if I had to choose between CSS and CSA, I would choose Couples Swept Away.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    CSA, we honeymooned there and it was amazing! not a single con to list!
    Erika & Sean

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    We've been to both CSA and CSS. Melea really nailed the differences. I just have a few things to add.

    Our room at CSS (beachfront jacuzzi suite)was much larger than any of the rooms we've stayed at CSA. Our CSS room had a separate seating area with a swivel flat panel TV, which was nice. However, if you want a room RIGHT ON THE BEACH, you can't get any closer than the beachfront suites at CSA.

    The Starlight Gala at CSS is unique. At CSA, there is a shipwreck beach party that is fun, but the Starlight Gala really is quite special.

    Finally, there is nothing like having a massage in the Hideaway hut at CSS - overhanging the cliffs, open air so that you and your SO can feel the ocean breeze and listen to the sounds of the waves crashing below. But the recently renovated spa at CSA is also very nice, especially the enormous Buddha whirlpool.

    It is easy to stroll the beach at CSA and go off-resort. At CSS, you are rather confined as far as beach strolling goes.

    Of course, having said all of that, we are heading back to CSA in 3 weeks. The beach is phenomenol.

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    We have been to both and I really loved CSA. CSA has more of a tropical feel. CSS is more like a hotel. CSS was nice because it had all day room service. But CSA is fine without the all day(they do have am) because you don't have to do all the stairs to get to the food! The beach at CSA is for sure better, but neither ever feel crowded. CSA has vendors that walk up and down the beach, they only come to you if you make eye contact or go to them. CSS is closed off so no vendors on the beach at all. Only the ones that come to set up everyday. CSA seems to have things later in the night then CSS. We had much better weather at CSA.

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    We have been to Negril, however not to CSA. We have been to CSS twice. The beach there is gorgeous and much superior to CSS.
    However, having said that, we have travelled quite a bit and hands down CSS is our favourite. Yes the beach is not as nice, but I would never ever call it rocky, not in a million years. The sand was soft and we never had any complaints. It is a small beach and not one that you can walk for hours on obviously. The resort is hands down gorgeous and the rooms are also lovely. Just my opinion, but you cant go wrong with either I am sure. We are trying Couples Negril in February and are anxious to see how that resort compares to CSS. No other resort that we have been to in Jamaica has come close to CSS for us.

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    As you can see from previous responses everyone has their opinion and, as the saying goes, some are better than others. The point is not which resort we prefer but which you prefer after doing your homework.

    We're a little biased, since we were married at CSS, and believe that it is the most romantic of all the Couples resorts. It has a tropical paradise feel to it including lush vegetation and places to wander with your spouse, including up and down many stairs. The beach is not as large as the one at CSA but is large enough to satisfy our needs.

    Does this mean that we like CSA less? Absolutely not! We love the long, white beaches at CSA. As was previously pointed out we've also found the weather to be clearer in Negril than Ochi. But then rain can be a nice way of God sending a reminder that you came to Jamaica for some quality romance time and there are some great indoor things you can do. The sound of waves crashing below you as you're experiencing a CSS massage is something you can only dream of at CSA. We especially liked the included trip to Dunn's River Falls from CSS but also enjoyed the catamaran cruise at CSA. The Gala at CSS is magnificent and both have fabulous beach parties. The food is great at both CSS and CSA though CSA has more restaurants while you can have dinner in your room at CSS.

    The bottom line is that you need to look at pictures, identify what will make your visit to Jamaica special for the two of you and then choose the resort that meets your needs. Here are some pictures of both that we took last year that may help: Enjoy your visit to whichever of these beautiful resorts you choose.

    Bart & Bug

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    CSA was a wonderful 1st time for me and my husband( we had our wedding and honeymoon there on Dec 13,2010). The staff there are the most respectful and has the best hospitality - when they say "no worries", they actually mean it. My stress level went down was "0" when i was there and could not believe it.

    We were in the #4116 room, which was beachfront. The room had stocked bar (which is stocked daily), and a TV when needed (but you won't need it). This is a wonderful place to fall in love again with your mate. The beach bars and restaurants were nice, and the food was unreal "culinary style". There was no such thing as being bored. The weather was tropical around the time I went. They have a huge beach area and vendors at your reach. The sand was white (no sea shells or anything); and the water is tropical blue/green.

    After awhile the staff will start to treat you like their friends. These people spirits "rub off" on you quick. I will return again very soon, and I recommend this location to everyone - esp if you are planning a wedding (wedding pkg to fit your needs). The honeymoon pkg was great - free massages (at the spa) and special champagne. Would post pics but for some reason the system continues to "fail" with upload. Have Fun!!! FYIon't go in the summer - its too hot.

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    We are going to CSA I think July 1st and want a Jacuzzi Suite. Wonder how that compares to the Beach Front Verandah?

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    Personally I wouldn't do the jacuzzi suite over the're in the tropics ya don't need a jacuzzi and the BFVS are RIGHT ON the beach...can't get much better.
    Erika & Sean

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