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    Default Travel from CSS to CN

    We will be at CN next month and planning a summer trip now. We love CN but are feeling the need to try another Couples resort. Our plan is to try CSS for three nights and come home to CN for three nights in July. We'll need to travel between the two and would like to fly to avoid spending too much time on the road. Has anyone made a trip between CSS and CN? Did you fly? Wondering how much time it took in total travel time.



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    You can take the Couples arranged bus between the resorts. If you leave CSS early, you may have a direct trip with out a stop at the airport.
    Irie Mon

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    I was wondering if this is possible. How long would the drive be between CN and CSS? We love CN but CSS looks so appealing. I'd love to do both sometime!

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    Default CN to CSS

    Hi B & K,

    We split our trip between CN and CSS in December. Four of us (2 couples), arranged for a 7:30 am pickup at CN. We did not stop at the airport, but did stop at the Coconut Tree bar, about 3/4 way, for the van driver to get a pattie. It felt good to stretch our legs by that point.

    It was exactly 3 hours from CN to CSS, from door to door.

    Both resorts were wonderful, but our hearts belong to CN.


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    I read on a previous thread that the bus ride is about 3 hours. I also got a quote from Timair for the trip from CSS to CN and was quoted $626 for two, one way! They stated that it would be when WE wanted to go, and the trip lasts about 45 minutes. That's a little rich for my blood! lol

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    Drive takes about 3 hours.

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