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    Default Newbie: Is the water safe to drink?

    Hi All...

    My boyfriend and I will be going to Couples San Souci this Sat...our first times at any of the Couples resorts, and we're incredibly excited!

    1 thing however...not sure if anyone has had any 'bad' experiences with this... is the water safe to drink? Such as the ice cubes they may use for drinks, or even just the water to brush your teeth or in the shower? I dont want an incident like Charlotte's in Sex in the City (Ladies, you know what I'm talking about!) Of course, she was in Mexico, where you never drink the water...but not sure how it is in Jamaica?

    Any experiences?? None, or bad?


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    We have never had a problem with the water. We have been to DR a couple of times and hubby always seems to get soemthing. We take all the precautions but nothing seems to work so we probably aren't going back there. We have been to Jamaica many times and never once had an issue. We leave for CSS on Jan 18 so I think we will miss you.

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    Purest water around. Drink lots!

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    We were at CTI in 2006 and 2007 and the water was fantastic. CTI is only a few miles from Sans Souci, so I believe the water would be similar in quality. In fact, if my memory served me right, the water at CTI was some of the best tasting water I have ever tasted. Of course, it could have been that we were so relaxed and enjoying our stay that we didn't care, but I doubt it. Hope this helps!

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    The water is safe to drink. No issues for us. Jamaica has some of the best tasting water we ever had. I brought plenty of Imodium,tums, and the pink stuff with us just in case cause I have a very sensitive tummy, and didnít need it at all.

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    No problem in Jamaic. Drink the water, and enjoy your icy drinks

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    The water in Jamaica is perfectly safe to drink. We drink it right from the faucet in the room. It actually has a great taste as far as water in concerned. We have never had any issues in the 14 years we have been going to Jamaica. Don't worry about a thing.

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    Not only is it safe, but it is the best tasting water I have ever had. I am not a fan of the bottled Wata (their brand name) that they offer. I always either get water from one of the self serve fountains or as for a glass of ice water at the bar. I really miss it when I am at home as my water does not taste that good.

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    Thanks everyone for your responses! I also have a very sensitive stomach (also had issues in DR Kathy13!) but I'll enjoy the fruity drinks at CSS.

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