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    Default Souvenirs for family?

    As the countdown to our trip continues, we've been giving some thought to possibly bringing back some souvenirs for our family members. We're thinking mostly just "tchokes," possibly t-shirts (my relatives went to Jamaica and all I got was a lousy t-shirt sort of thing,) maybe some coffee (mmm, Blue Mountain coffee...)

    Does anyone have any rough pricing? How much we might be looking at? If we were to get something for each family member, including kids, we're looking at 18-20 people (20 if we add in some friends.)

    Any estimates on how much we might be looking at spending?

    Jason A.
    299 days and counting
    airline tickets bought!

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    The vendors along the beach will offer very good deals for jewellery and tshirts, I want to guess around $5 for a shirt, bracelets $2-$3. We buy coffee at the airport and paid about $25/lb. Another great gift idea is the can be purchased at the airport as well and is delicious. It is always on our list to buy...that, and rum cream. Yum!! Have a great vacation.

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    If you go on the shopping trip, there are several stores that sell t-shirts very cheap if you buy in quantity---5 shirts for ___( I forget how much...maybe someone who has recently been can help with exact price). These shops do have little trinkets and all the places sell coffee...even in small amounts. The gift shop at the resort usually has t shirts for sale, too.

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    You can get alot of things for very little money. My husband and I will be going to CN fot the 5th time this March. I always go towards the Office ofNature, there is a older lady kinda back away from the beach, she gives good deals on ankle bracelets and I always by at least 20 cute Jamaican pencils. They are painted red, yellow and orange. The pencils have cute little Jamaican heads on them!!! They have "Yeah Mon" painted on them, and Irie. I drive a school bus and the children love them. She also will bargain with you on the shirts, she is so swet I try and find her every year.
    Also, the vendors who come on property will give you a good price!!!!
    72 days til CN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    One Love,

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    If you go on the shopping trip the stores will have t-shirts 8 for $20 (or something like that). Look at the different stores before you purchase. They basically all have the same shirts just different prices. And even though the shirts are inexpensive they are of good quality. We didn't have any shrinking issues with any of the shirts we bought. Coffee will run you a minimum of $16 a pound (for genuine Blue Mountain).
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Just keep in mind that you have to pack all that stuff in your suitcase to get it home!!! The airlines are very strick on the suitcase weight limit, so alot of cheap stuff could end up costing you alot of $$$$.

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    Thanks everyone!

    Jason A
    297 and counting!

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    Are the items you buy from the vendors "duty free" or do you have to claim them at customs on your return trip? If you do have to pay duties on your return trip home what is the average cost of the duties?

    Dawn and James
    20 more sleeps til SR (hopefully CTI!!!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mntruck View Post
    Just keep in mind that you have to pack all that stuff in your suitcase to get it home!!! The airlines are very strick on the suitcase weight limit, so alot of cheap stuff could end up costing you alot of $$$$.
    Yes, and if you go over weight at the airport, unless they have changed this, you have to pay cash for the overweight charge. If you shop at the airport past security, you can carry on your items at least until you reach your first stop. At that point, if you have any liquids, they need to be pack in your checked bag.

    Something we did for the kids, is we took t-shirts and did the tie dye class using our t-shirts. One thing about the shirts we have purchased in Jamaica, the sizes run oddly and they don't wash up so great. Something else you can get that is "kitschy" key chains, shot glasses or magnets. They are small and in expensive and again, usually the more your purchase, the less they are.

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