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    Default Question about today's Wednesday's special

    Hi - My SO and I have been very interested in booking Couples Swept Away for this April but the prices have been pretty high. But for today's Wednesday special there is a Secret Rendevous for CSA for 'Run of the house' in April. We have been to Couples resorts for many, many years and have a 'Passionate' level status. The question I have is if we do book today for April, what type of room will we receive as it does not specify. Could we get a room upgrade having this Couples status? We would very much love to go to CSA this year but would also love to get the room we want. If anyone can answer this, please do. We greatly appreciate it!

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    I think that you would be able to do the room upgrade, as long as the room you would like is available. I would call couples directly and find out. I personally think all the rooms at CSA are beautiful, so i would book the trip either way!
    just my humble opinion!

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    Default Follow-up......

    Since I never received an answer regarding my question about this week's Wednesday special, I called the 1-800 Couples # and spoke to a representative. Just so it is clear, the guaranteed room in CSA would be in the Great House. Since we have been to Couples resorts about 8 times and have the 'passionate' level, I was very much hoping for an upgrade to an atrium suite for this Spring's trip. Unfortunately they cannot guarantee an upgrade as it is by availability only so we would most likely get there and be in a room that is not our preference. This was very disappointing. The fact that the prices are very high this year and are not getting what we want with this special, we decided we will not be vacationing at Couples. My feeling is that as returning guests, we should at least be confirmed with an upgrade beforehand. After all, they do have over 300 rooms! It is too bad that this is the way it works as I feel it would be good customer service to cater to your loyal guests. Oh off to book a trip somewhere else!

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    Don't book the SR/ run of the house special then, you wont know what kind of room you'll get until arrival. Book for after April 15, I think the prices go down after that.

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    Wait, what? The run of the house rooms are always in the great house?

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    Were you willing to pay for an upgrade or were you looking for the Romance Rewards upgrade perk? That's not clear from your post

    I can certainly understand policies and rules. They exist for a reason. Seems too many people feel the rules shouldn't apply to them though.

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    If you've been keeping up with the message board you will know the possible upgrade for passionate level repeaters is going away this year and being replaced with something else. you should also know by now how the SR works and the fact that you were garenteed CSA is unusual in it's self. Oh well, I supose some people want it all and a cherry on top. Just my opinion, hope you enjoy your non couples vacation.

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    I am to assume that is the reason for the special price, to some people just to put their feet in the sand it is worth taking that chance.

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    I would think just getting whatever room they give you is the (cheaper) price you pay for taking advantage of the secret rendevous special. If you don't care for the rules of that special, I wouldn't try to have them adjust for you because you are a repeater, just wait and book a different special and book the room you want. Besides upgrades are actually rarely given when you pay full price and are repeaters... it's just "IF AVAILABLE"

    I'm with softail19, don't book the run of the house but yet expect a certain room. That's the whole idea of run of the house, if they guarantee a certain room then they wouldn't be able to offer this special.

    We are 5 time repeaters and at the same level you are, but never expect an upgrade, we just book the room we want and don't use the secret rendevous because we want to know what room we're getting.

    And Couples does it right, everybody is catered to, no matter if you are a newbie or a repeater and no matter what room you're in. That's just one of the great things about them.

    I'm sure there will be more upcoming specials. We booked last September for this December on a good deal, just keep an eye out and you'll get the price you're comfortable with. It's not Couples fault you want to use a restrictive and cheaper special, but want them to treat you differently than others who book using the same special just because you're a repeater.

    Honestly I don't understand being in the great house being that horrible... they are the newest rooms and very nicely appointed and you never know, after you get there they may be able to move you into an Atrium as other guests depart.

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    Honestly, I'm shaking my head as I read this thread and it seems I am doing that alot more lately on this message board......

    It amazes me, that great offers are made like this past Weds. special and some "expect" more. Do you realize that depending of timing the special was ~$150-$200 a day off the lowest Swept Away price? Do you realize that we don't see Swept Away specials often because it is the most popular of the 4 locations? "Secret Rendezvous" and "Run of the House" typically mean the rooms that are left, that are not booked at full price and not your choice. Let's think about this logically, if you owned a business, would you just keep giving and giving and still be in business. Couples is very generous to us repeaters but they have to draw the line at some point! I've stayed at other vacation resorts and they offer nothing to repeaters.

    DianaK - it sounds as if you are happy with Couples and the trips you have taken in the past, rather than be so upset that you cannot book SweptAway...why not wait til the later/less expensive half of April or another month, go to one of the less expensive Couples locations or book the room you want and stay one less night. You can book another chain or go to another island but at the end of the trip do you really want to say "We could have spent only $XXX more and gone home"?

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    Diane, sorry to hear of your disappointment. Expecting an upgrade to be confirmed beforehand is, IMO, unrealistic. If you've followed this board you know that upgrades are rare under any circumstances. High occupancy + few room categories + many repeat guests means litle opportunity to upgrade.

    Run of House is code for "cheapest room available." Never book ROH at any property unless you're satisfied with the lowest category of room they offer.

    Finally, I'll share a personal experience. You commented that they ought to be able to upgrade you since they have 300 rooms. My last visit to CN was during the depth of the recession. The neighboring resorts were running at about 30% of capacity. CN was booked to 95% capacity and at the repeaters dinner there were 120 repeat couples! That helped me understand why upgrades were so rare.

    Hope you have a good time wherever you end up going!

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    Sorry for some of this confusion. Category assignments are indeed a secret. Run of House means that you could be placed in any available room. For this particular CWE, GreatHouse Verandah Suites are NOT the only room category that may be assigned.

    Couples Resorts

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    Quote Originally Posted by randymon View Post
    Sorry for some of this confusion. Category assignments are indeed a secret. Run of House means that you could be placed in any available room. For this particular CWE, GreatHouse Verandah Suites are NOT the only room category that may be assigned.
    That's what I thought. It seemed weird that someone would be assigned that category over the cheaper atrium.

    Are the rooms assigned the day of checkin or before that? I have never done a regular SR and wasn't sure if they told you what room type you would get when you find out which resort you go to or if it was when you got there. It seems more logical that they would be assigned the day of arrival in case someone else wants to book a very last minute vacation and choose their room type.

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