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    Default 14 Days

    Only 14 days left til we arrive for our first visit to CN......

    Looking forward to the time away from the -35 windchill and foot of snow. I thik I will be able to handle the +30 and feet in the water instead.

    Starting to brag at work and piss off everyone that decided not to go away this year.

    Can you tell we are excited!!!!
    Glenda and Jason
    Winnipeg, Mb

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    We are 20 days away and counting, hope to see you there, we are there for 2 weeks tried to book a third but the resort is booked, go figure......have a great holiday, I am sure we will!!!!!

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    11 days! Probably see you there!

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    15 days for us you get their a day before us,save us a seat and dont drink them dry before we get there steve n kim

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    We leave next Friday (January 14th) It can't come soon enough! Here in the lovely state of Minnesota, they are predicting the coldest spell yet since 20004, the week we are gone...

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    8 days and hours left..... It was onloy -28 with the windchill today.
    Glenda and Jason
    Winnipeg, Mb

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    Default 2 Sleeps....

    Two more sleeps then we are there. The current temperature here is -35 with the windchill. We deserve the break.
    Glenda and Jason
    Winnipeg, Mb

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