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    Default Birthday while at CSS- Any special things that can be done??

    Hi All,

    We're going to CSS next week, and it will be my boyfriend's birthday while we are there. Is there anything special that the hotel can do, or that I can 'add-on'? I know they have specials for Honeymoons or Weddings, but I havent seen anything for birthdays.

    Anyone had any experience with this, and what is available?


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    I'm interested in an answer to this question, too. My husband will be celebrating his bday while we're at CSS in April.

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    When you check-in you can let them know you are celebrating a special event. Pretty much anything you would do for Honeymoons or Weddings you can do for birthdays, but without the special $. A private beach dinner, a private champagne cruise up the coast or a couples massage are all great options to splurge on. Send a message to the Romance Concierge (Click the CSS tab, then Contact Us to get to the link), and they will be happy to help set something up for you!

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    I celebrated my birthday at CSS in '09 and will be spending it at CN this April. I'm not sure if they do anything special but the bartender at the beach bar bought shots for me and everyone at the bar that afternoon lol. That was an afternoon to remember and one of the best birthdays I ever had. On a beautiful beach, at a great bar, partying with new friends... It doesn't get much better than that. I look forward to doing the same thing at the pool bar at CN.

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    Dinner on the beach. It's costs a little, but it is definitely worth it. An experience you'll never forget.
    Mike & Martha

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    They do have birthday candles that they will stick in just about any desert. My husband told a hostess that it was my birthday when we were at CSA and they brought out some sort of something that tasted pretty good with candles in it and they sang Happy Birthday. Not exactly super special but it was pretty neat.

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    For our 16th anniv, couples knew when we checked in that it was on a certain day. We go champagne/flowers/goodies in our room. They will not disappoint! It was the most memorable ever & I am grateful for their wonderful hospitality!

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