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    Hi Does anyone know if Amanda is back at CN?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Long Island Couple View Post
    Hi Does anyone know if Amanda is back at CN?
    If you mean Amanda from entertainment (and I think you do), no she is not back with the ET team at CN.
    Amanda the bartender/waitress is with CN and, judging from recent pictures, is no longer a trainee.

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    One more for us at CTI. (As a frame of reference, we've been to the Riv Maya 14 times in the last 10 yrs and 9 times at dive sites in the Carrib pre-kids but nothing compares to the staff here.)

    When we don't have our boys with us, we love to explore but we came to CTI in Oct and then had a small window of days to go on a vaca last week and neither of us hesitated to go back. We LOVE the staff here and came back, in a large part, to see them. Without going on and on, here are our shouts..

    Byron and guys rock. How can anyone greet someone better than these two. Byron, knucks to the twins from the Nuggets fans (although, they lost, bummer!) Everald, you keep giving your daughter that ice cream money!

    Kenesha, Terry, CAMILLE! and Damion...thanks for taking good care of us every day, all the time!

    Gary, thanks for being our captain on the sailing trip and serenading us. you are awesome!

    And to our dive masters......Rasta, still, as always, a rock star in the ocean. Captain David, you are the only captain I want to sail with again! Collin....where do I begin or end? How do I go anywhere else when I know I can come to Jamaica to dive with you? Happiest man on the planet. Freeing sharks from nets with your bare hands and no tank.... and making everyone smile underwater all the time. You've got it, my friend!

    And thanks to the managers, front desk and guest services for making everything happen so seamlessly ALL of the time. You are all amazing! Thanks for delivering the school supplies and meds, and making that so easy!

    WE will be back again, and hopefully very, very soon!

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    Default CTI Shout outs

    Shout out to the CTI staff...they all work sooo hard.

    A special fist bump to Cadian, Naesha, Matthew for being such fun and welcoming Activity Directors.

    For the life guards, Gary (thanks for returning my wife) and Delaney...respec'

    Otis and Stephen for being such great waiters.

    Customer Care for working so hard to get us into a new cooler room.

    The chefs...great food. Especially at Bayside and the Verandah. The chicken in the Grill for being jerked and sooo delicious.

    The beach staff for doing an amazing job at keeping that beach spectacular, pristine and for letting me sleep while setting up for the wedding.

    Thanks again for everyone on a magical experience.

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    I agree, we had a Fabulous time at CTI.This was our first time to Jamaica ever!
    I work in Customer Service at my job, so if there is one thing that grabs my attention, its GREAT Customer Service! I came back telling everyone I know at work, and off the job about the superb service and Friendly hardworking Staff at CTI. I noticed that they were never slacking, they work from Sun up to Sun down, and some longer than that..all for You and I, so we can have the Perfect vacation.
    Every meal, every resturant, spa, restroom, bar,everywhere we went, was clean, and friendly. They made sure everything we needed was at our fingertips.
    The guys on the beach who rake the beach from end to end, and not only rake it, they sift the sand through a screen every square foot, every single day...THAT was amazing to me. Just so that we could have a nice clean beach.

    I cannot remember every name, but I can remember that every single person who worked at CTI was Perfect, Polite, Friendly, and Warm!
    I was trying very hard to find out their secret so i could take back what I saw, and get coworkers, and employees to work that hard.
    I will probably get slammed for this, but Americans are Lazy, they complain about work, but they don't want to work., and the next generation is going to be even worse.

    Byron, thank you for being on top of everything, and never forgetting us as we walked through the lobby, you nicknamed us Romeo& Julio, we were Married there on the beach May 3rd...Latoya our wedding coordinator.~~sigh~` thank you for trying to make my day perfect.Maxine..and I know there were others involved in my wedding, sorry if I forgot your name, but I will never forget your faces.

    Casrine, Romaine, Shrimpy,Jermaine,Terry, Damian,Kenesha, so many more who I have forgotten names, but I can see your sweet smiling faces still, I will never forget you!

    , the Bartenders..especially in the Piano Bar you named a drink for me the Mary were awesome, and I seemed to have forgotten your name.,all of the wait staff, I cannot remember your names, but you made sure when my glass was empty, it became full when I didn't even see you, you removed a plate, or a dirty dish, had the tables perfectly set every meal.breakfast lunch or dinner..PERFECT!

    Thank you ALL, thank you CTI for giving me the Perfect Wedding HoneyMoon Vacation of a lifetime.....

    We will be back....

    Mary, & Julio aka (Romeo & Julio)

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    I forgot to mention that when we were leaving , a lot of the staff came and found us to say good bye, and huggs..How special is that.

    And the rooms were always clean, and PERFECT!

    yes..CTI is a perfect vacation, everything plus much more than we ever expected..

    thank you!

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    Can't remember her name but the VERY NICE lady who did the omlets at CTI. Had a great smile and fun sense of humor, not to mention the omlets!

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    Default Ruel at Couples Swept Away

    Ruel, beach bar, was our very favourite person at CSA. He is a character, so personable, had us in stitches half the time. We were leaving on Monday, he had Sunday off so we said our goodbyes on Sat. Then, someone called in sick Sunday so he was filling in, at another bar. He actually switched bars so he could be with us, came and found us, we were so surprised and happy to see him! His co-worker Renaud also merits recognition, a little more reserved but very creative in his drink suggestions for me ... hard work but someone's gotta do it All in all, the best vacation we've had and we're coming back.
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    Default Couples Tower Isle April 2010

    We were at Couples Tower Isle in April 2010. Coordinators Sasha, Naesha, Kadian and Rasheba kept everything lively. Server Otis was pleasant. Kirk was on point. Ricardo kept things in order. Our housekeeper kept our room impeccable. The lady who prepared our delicious omelets and the gentleman who prepared our delicious waffles were fantastic. The only thing we regretted was not writing down everybody names. Unfortunately that happens when you are having so much fun.
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    Default CSS SSB A-Team!

    Just a quick shout out to our favorite bartender and grill master; Jheanel and Jerdine...These two wonderful ladies made our time in CSS a real blessing back in September 2009. I hope they are still there this August when we return for our 4th time to SSB to celebrate our 25th anniversary.
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    Default Bratta!! Couples Negril!! 4/24/-4/29/10

    I can't say Thank You All enough. The staff are impressive. Professional young men and women that make the Resort a stand out (Diana, Travis, Cameica, Evon, Shequandra, Nellie, NaNa, Aldeen, Teneasha and Sheryl).
    Aldeen! Thank you for introducing us to coconut water and its benefits. Also, the entertainment team *Diana-Travis-Nana-Nellie* overcome you with their unlimited energy from daytime volleyball, reggae dancing to evening disco. The most pleasant food service staff *Evon, Cameica, Sheryl* always made it a pleasure to eat at the Cassava Terrace. Teneasha!Thank you for our room service and thanks to the Young Woman who assisted with the "turn down" in the evening Bldg 9 first flr. Shequandra! One of the beach assistants to serve drinks most kindly. We look forward to returning to Couples Negril and seeing you all again.

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    Have the boards been shut down? I used to get 3 or 4 notices a day. Haven't had one in weeks.

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    We just returned from CTI (May 12 - 19). It was perfect. The staff was amazing. We were in awe of how hard they work and yet they are so positive. We will definitely be coming "home" as soon as we can! Here are some of the people we can't wait to see:

    Ryan, so much more than a bartender, we consider him a friend. He was one of the highlights of our trip. We miss him a lot.
    Byron & Capt.Kirk, both were irie! Byron always remembered us wherever we saw him in the resort. He especially liked it when I wore my big hat!
    Katy, Sasha, & Matthew in activities- Katy and Sasha went with us to Margaritaville - we had a blast! Katy kept checking in to make sure we were doing ok and she did great making sure we all got back on the bus. Sasha was always the first to say hello when we saw her..she is so sweet. Katy even stopped playing volleyball to give us a hug goodbye...we are going to get in shape so we can participate in more activities with Katy! I've got to mention Matthew...he was very helpful during orientation and always acknowledged us around the hotel. I have to admit..I always had my eyes open searching for him!
    Rushane and Lee- they were a great pair! I visited them every morning for delicious pancakes! Smoothies too!
    Ardean- he was one of our favorite servers. He was so pleasant..I missed him a few days and was so happy to see him on our last night at the Verandah.
    Tamarrah She helped make our stay even better because our room was kept so clean! She kept us very comfortable! She was very positive and we loved chatting with her when we got the chance.
    Kevin- one of our guides while horseback riding. It was my first time on a horse and he helped me feel safe and confident.
    There are so many others that we appreciated and enjoyed. We can't wait to see you again! Thank you,
    Julie and Don Eskew

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    Default Jervis Gordon

    Hello All,

    To start we have to say that all of the staff at CSS were amazing. Not once did we find someone who was "in a bad mood" and not wearing an huge smile. The staff are one of the biggest reasons we have already decided to return to CSS next year.

    There is one staff member we HAVE to mention - Jervis Gordon.
    I treated my sweetie to a private dinner for two at the wedding gazebo and were fortunate enough to have Jervis as our waiter for the night. We were greeted with a huge smile and treated to world class service immediately. Jervis has a great sense of humour and great stories about living in Jamaica. In fact we were asking what the Jamaican specialties are for food - to which he quickly responded "curried goat". We asked what it tasted like - he said that it was amazing, to which he excused himself and said he would be right back.

    Not a few minutes later he returned and said that he spoke to the executive chef and he had arranged to have curried goat served the following evening for us at the Palazzina - one word - WOW!!! The service didn't stop from there, each time we ran into him he always asked if there was something else he could help us out with and if we were enjoying our stay at CSS.

    Service like this has to be mentioned, we are looking forward to seeing Jervis next year!!

    Alice and Sean

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    Default Staff Shout Outs

    We just stayed at CN for the first time and had a lot of fun with Franklin at the swim-up pool bar. He was very friendly, had a great sense of humor, and seemed to really enjoy working at CN. He made the BEST dirty bananas!
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    We just returned from CSS last week. All the staff were great. Always a smile and eye contact! A special thank you to Keneisha Murphy. She is a new employee of three or four months. She seemed like she was everywhere we were. In our morning breakfast at the Palazzina, her smile and greeting made us feel like she was looking forward to seeing us that day. Can't say enough good things about her. looking forward to our next visit to CSS!!!

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    Seandymon, great that we can have staff shout outs! BUT can't we have one for each of the resorts so we can link to where we are going instead of having to scroll down the long list? any chance?? and then this would give anyone looking for information help? love Mrs Jekyll and Mr Hyde xx

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    CSS service makes you feel like you are the only guests at the resort!
    We loved everyone there, we only had one person ever who we almost considered rude, but the next time we encountered that person, they were smiling and had remembered our drinks from the night before (and we were a group of 6!). Some people who helped make our trip especially memorable though are:
    Kimberly from guest services: She dealt with our lost baggage and did everything possible to help us relax and not worry about it. Always smiling and friendly!

    Valentine the executive sous chef: After the cooking class that we took with him, I had commented on how much I had loved one the desserts we had had. Later that day room service showed up with a special delivery!

    Lauzon from the Palazinna: We had the pleasure of seeing him every morning, and by the second morning he had our coffee preferences memorized. He was always friendly and helpful. One of the nicest employees in the place! Love him.

    Other staff that we loved: Maureen (from Palazinna), Miguel (the entertainer), Joy (our housekeeper), Jason and Easton (from the bar).

    What a place! We can't wait to go back next year.

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    I miss you guys already...

    We got back on the 1st of June 2010.

    To the Front Desk, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP during our stay I know I was a bug a boo, but I was scared.
    Also, could you please give THANKS TO THE NURSE FOR ME. I called and made appt as soon as I got back home.

    I got sun poisoning & I found out I'm allergic to MANGO's (of all things) I ate that every day on everything... I even pick a few!!!. My face, eyes/nose, arms, legs, neck, ears, back, even my knees ... OH WHO AM I KIDDING IT WAS EVERYWHERE and I was swollen and had thes hives that looked like huge whelps everywhere like I had been beaten. I was a mess. But I SURE ENJOYED MYSELF WHILE I COULD.

    We really just wanted to send a shout out to Cheryne Monteith (PALMS RESTAURANT Concierge & our SISTER). Love you girl... Take care of yourself and family. COME SEE US WHEN YOU CAN!

    Also to all of you. You were WONDERFUL, so Pleasant, Courteous, and Sweet.



    Love you all!

    ~ Brenda Thompson from (Rm. 3109)...

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    Just returned from CSS! I actually cried on the bus back to the airport (AND I AM NOT A PRONE TO CRYING)! I will miss so many of the wonderful people there. Jheanel at the SS Beach bar and Fiona at the grill there are both such precious women. Lovell from Water Sports sang his happy songs while cleaning the pool area and also kept us informed about the violence in Kingston and put it in perspective so we felt safe. Barrington, captain of the snorkeling boat, made us laugh and kept us entertained. He is very good at his job and takes his responsiblity seriously. His partner, Adrian, found a sea urchin for me to look at up close and let me hold it in my hand! Sandy our housekeeper kept our room spotless and had such a glowing personality. Carlton, our server at Bella Vista, and Kevin, who greeted us at breakfast most days and at Bella Vista, were both such delightful young men to talk with. The staff at CSS is just terrific. I know I left someone out, and I'm sorry for that, but there are just too many special people at CSS to name them all. I can hardly wait to get back so I can see everyone!

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    Every single member of staff we encountered greeted us with a warm smile, everything was 'no problem'. I only managed to photo a few.

    Ricardo was at the towel hut & made a huge impact on us with a few minutes of arriving & by the end of the day we felt we'd known him for ages - keep it up Ricardo, hope to see you when we return.

    Celia kept us topped up on the beach & at the main bar, she remembers every drink on her full tray.

    Derrick coped with us late at night when Kev 'needed' his burger. Thanks for your stories Derrick.

    Tanya & Narissa - here come the girls ;o) Kev says thanks for the peppermint tea & both knowing exactly how I like my coffee,ha!

    I didin't manage to get your pic's :-
    Nafale - thanks for the sour sop advice.
    Randol - quietly're superb ;o)
    Kadin - the lychee martini's hit the spot!
    Carlos & Nellie - keep it up.

    To every other member of staff a huge thankyou - each & every one of you is what makes Couples Negril soooo special & for us the best of all the Couples Resorts.
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    Woo-hoo, Ive found a photo of Randol....yeay Hope you're still there on our 3rd visit ;o)
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    How are the pool seat races going

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    hard to single people out, everyone is so fabulous at Couples, but here are 2 shout outs in particular for the staff at CSS: the always entertaining and social Miguel of the entertainment staff and Edgar the omelet chef!

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    Default Scuba at CTI - team make it a must do!

    The scuba staff at tower isle is the absolute best. Lloyd, Collin, AJ, Teran, & David took the best care of us. I was apprehensive about scuba diving but Aj was very clear with his instruction and made us feel very comfortable with our equipment and our ability to be in control and made it very clear that our safety was their number one priority. When I had trouble equalizing on each dive, Lloyd and Collin both stuck with me every meter, got my ears to cooperate and introduced me to a wonderful world of Scuba. I can not possible say enough about these guys. They went above and beyond for not just us, even the return guest were treated like royalty.

    With the Resort certification and your first dive included in your package, you have no excuse to try this experience.

    Traci and Mike

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