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    Default Props to the office

    Recently I posted a porblem with using Bank of America and gettin a 3% service fee for foreign usage. Being smart I thought I'd change cards for the remainder of the cost, being me I screwed it up. So big time props to Nikisha and Sharie in customer service and EXTRA props to Casine in accounting for saving our 10th Anniv. vacation.
    Let's not mention this to Lisa.

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    Default Great people at CSA

    Just wanted to express my gratitude to aal the staff at CSA for making our stay Jan 22nd -30th another beautiful experience. This was our 8th time to CSA and 9th to a Couples resort and it was probably the best visit we've ever had.

    Our special thanks to Andre from Guest Relations. I was touched that you remembered us and gave us such a warm welcome back. Your smile and joyous personality are infectious. Thank you for making us feel special.

    To our housekeeper the lovely Michelle, thank you for making our room look like an oaisis every day. It was such a pleasure to walk into the room after you had been there. Hope to see you again on our next visit.

    Lenise, it was really nice to see and speak to you again. I could see how busy you were making everything perfect for all the guests. You are doing a great job. Looking forward to seeing you again in April. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to see at the Repeat Guest dinner and spend some time chatting with you then.

    Thank you to all of you for making our vacation a relaxing, pleasurable experience. Your team work is amazing.


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    Default CSS shout outs

    At CSS my husband and I are always taken care of by Machel at the main restaurant, i hope he is still there when we go back this year! Lij at the customer service desk is a rockstar! we hope to see him again too!

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    Default Lij

    I agree that Lij was a rock star, but, sadly, he is no longer at CSS.

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    Default CSA July 2010

    The entire Entertainment Team MADE our trip!!
    Clive rescued us on the Hobi Cat and made our time spent at the beach memorable.
    Tino was an amazing singer, dancer, and host.
    O'niel is not only gorgeous but fun and entertaining (not to mention a great volleyball coach).
    We think of them all often and with fond memories of a magical vacation!
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    Default Cti

    We just got back from CTI and loved it. This was our first visit. On our first night we met Kenard and he was so nice and helpful and continued to be the rest of the trip. I wish there was some way to contact him now to let him know how much we liked him

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    Quote Originally Posted by tabnkirk View Post
    Cardo is the best! My husband, fiance at the time, took a trip to CSA in April of 2007 and met Cardo our first night at the night club. We had al ong day of traveling and he fixed us right up with some great Jamaican style Rum Punch. We saw him all throughout the week and had a wonderful first experience with Couple resorts. In April of 2008 we came back to CSA to get married and ran into Cardo at the martini bar and he remembered us, specifically my husbands name and the Rum Punches that we loved so much! We just booked our third trip for this March and we love to run into him again. Does anyone know if he is still around?
    Yes Cardo is still at CSA. My wife and I just retuned on 2/16 and he was working at the swim up bar

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    I just gotta give a huge shout out to CSS's Maxine..Such a hard working,sweet and beautiful employee.

    I will be hugging Maxine in May.

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    I need to post pictures of hugging Maxine at CTI.
    If you are going to CTI then you must meet Maxine..Tell her Hi for Tommywommy.

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    Default CSS Staff

    We absolutely fell in love with Akeem Nugent of the entertainment staff. He gave us alot of personal attention as did Tino. Akeem went out of his way to help us get an awesome table at the Beach Party and he came to say goodbye to us when our bus was taking us back to the airport. He put on a great talent show act also, actually a couple. He really made us feel special and we could not thank him enough. He really thinks alot of his guests. I have recommended the resort to another couple and then asked Akeem to look after them while they were there and he did. That's above and beyond in my opinion! Thanks Akeem! Love ya!
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    Noxroy in the balloon bar at CSS was amazingly entertaining and made a mean Jamaica slammer

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    Default Please make sure Julliet(tour desk operator)sees this

    Thank you so much for your help. We are the ATV people. You probably will not forget us for a while. When the "C" Tours tried to cheat us out of much money you came through with much help for us. You did not see my wife crying on the swing with her back to you because she thought the tour company was going to get away with stealing our money for the tour she wanted to go on(read about this on TripAdvisor). You stepped up and went beyond your duties in helping us resolve that problem. We expect this good service from Couples, that is why we go there, but when we actually got the help and good service we needed we were very thankful. When finally we asked to see Couples Manager(I am sorry but I forget her name),the manager handled our problem in a very professional way and quickly got us a total refund from "C" Tours. As repeat customers you have assured us that we made the right choice by choosing Couples. You are a credit to Couples Resorts. Your help has assured Couples Resorts that we will be back many more times(Jan. 2012)

    Cool Runnings

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    Just got back from CN, and I want to shout out to Paul Tucker in the piano bar, Tnbnyson after I found him, Franklin and Cashwayne. Nelka (aka Nelly), Carlos, and Camilia(probably not even close to spelling but the gal who seated us every morning at Cassava Terrace. And all of the other staff who makes the trip so enjoyably. This was our 3rd year in a row, and it just keeps getting better and better and it is the employees who make it happen. We handed out bags of candy to some of them, including our housekeeper whose name I forgot but did a fantastic job, and they seemed to enjoy it. 349 days till I return home, not that I am counting or anything.

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    Default Great Stay at Couples Negril Staff Unreal & Welcome !

    It was a holiday trip we will never forget from Feb 17 - 24th, the reason is the fantastic staff at Couples Negril, they were all fantastic but would like to highlight Nelly & Eva who we got a very warm feeling from each and every time we were at the Beach or just having lunch, these young ladies were awesome & accomodating,always had time to talk with their beaming smiles and just plain hospitable ! Also the great service from Randol in the Restarurant, our last night was unreal along with the delicous food. This place is A-1 and we would return in a heart beat ! Another nice touch was the room we reserved was not available at time of check in, so we were upgraded to a full ocean front suite at no extra charge, a Big Thank You to Wayne Operations Mgr., This was much apprecaited !

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    To our second family at CSS, you are all amazing and we love you

    Mr Kevin Clarke (Trainee Dining Room Host, Pallazina) - thank you for making our private dinner and my birthday so special (he came in on his day off especially to be our waiter for the evening)

    Marcia, Tamra, Judith, Mitzy, Kenny, Alicia, Tessa, Denise, Ruth, Kerryann and all the other wonderful ladies who work in the spa and salon

    Dave (bartender at Charlies Bar)

    Evol (Dr Love aka Lobby Ghost and No 1 Arsenal Fan - Robert sure does miss your conversations re: football!)

    Miss Margaret Clarke - Guest Services - thank you arranging for our friends to join us for dinner

    Ewart - In Room Dining Team Leader

    Martin, Hugh, Lenworth, Kevin, Frankie - the bellmen - you guys are all brilliant

    Vanessa - our fanastic housekeeper - love you Rapunzel xx

    Karla (wedding co-ordinator) - our Jamaican daughter even though we haven't used her services (yet!) xx

    Look forward to seeing you all again next year

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    we just got back from our stay at couples negril. we had an amazing trip...we want to thank nana, martiman, carlos, ava, denva durval, franklyn, ivylyn and amanda. you treated us like family and want to extend our thanks...we miss ya and hope you are all there on our next trip!

    chris and becky

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    Quote Originally Posted by lou@lisa View Post
    Recently I posted a porblem with using Bank of America and gettin a 3% service fee for foreign usage. Being smart I thought I'd change cards for the remainder of the cost, being me I screwed it up. So big time props to Nikisha and Sharie in customer service and EXTRA props to Casine in accounting for saving our 10th Anniv. vacation.
    Let's not mention this to Lisa.
    LOL!! Lou, you are SO funny! How are you guys? We met you in the CSS hot tub, Dec. 2009. You're from IL, right? Hope to cross paths again sometime.

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    No specific story to tell...
    but we loved Carlos at CN. He is definately a keeper and a great employee. Couples Negril should make a point of keeping this young man - smart,dedicated, friendly... all in a all a great guy.

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    Default Cohen and Derron at css are gems!

    We spent the best 12 days of our lives at CSS in February. Everyone was over the top wonderful and these two gentlemen made the top of my list in making our stay very special!

    Derron took me sailing on the hobie cat and serenaded me with Bob Marley songs the whole time.

    We had trouble finding floaties at the beach and the next morning, Cohen surprised us by saving us two!

    These two gentlemen are hard working, charming, sweet, funny and handsome. Thank you to ALL the Couples staff. You are all wonderful and we left inspired to do our jobs as cheerfully and wonderfully as all our Couples friends did.

    Soon come, next year!
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    Default CTI Staff is THE staff!!!

    Just got back from the vacation of all vacations... (3/11-3/19). Maxine, you started and ended our stay always reminding us how important we were, from the vow renewal to the day to day. We love and miss you already! Latoya, only you could pull off a back to back vow renewal on a day that was running behind the way that you did - the entire wedding staff is WONDERFUL! Emorth and Byron, you are the men! Davion, Romaine and Keneshia thank you for the smiles that never went away and the impeccable service! Ryan rocks the bar like no other, except for Ricardo!!!! Terry, Antonio, Lorna, Kayla, Teneshia, Marjorie, I know I am forgetting names!!!Thank you all for making CTI the paradise we cannot WAIT to return to.. can't wait for the postcards to get to Kansas City!
    ~The Eternal Honeymooners...see ya at the table by the bar!!!
    Tim "Wild Man" and Stacey Green

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    If you ever wonder how CTI can stay so amazingly clean, just look around. Every single day, someone is doing something like this (see picture). Not only that, but making sure the sand stays on the beach, putting beautiful flower petals on your bed and, in general, making sure you are happy every minute of every day. We adore the staff!

    Our housekeeper this year was Verice. We were in room 4501. She is a quiet and sweet woman who does an amazing job. We also met Tamarrah, who is the housekeeper on the first floor in block 4. Every day I got a hug and love from this little pixie.

    We were thrilled to find out that Sean had been promoted since last February. He no longer can be seen on the beach making sure you have whatever you want, he is now working as a server in the restaurants. He is the best! Also, Adrian is now in management. It was great to see that addition to his name tag. Cheers to these two young men for jobs well done!

    I'm sure I'll have more later. Hope the pics upload properly.

    Well, the upload failed. I'll have to check the pixel size of the pics, they might be too big. But...before I forget to tell anyone: We would not enjoy our vacation ever if not for DELROY. He is so the man on the beach! Your young lady on the beach (and a bombshell at night) is Katie!

    We also had a great time going for a ride on the dive boat thanks to Collin's invitation. What a giant energy this man is!

    And, as always, our two favorite young women are Antointeet and Nicolette.

    Love and Hugs from Sun_princess.

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    My pics were TOO BIG when I sent the first post. I think the maximum pixel size is 400X600? Not sure. Anyhow, I hope these work and aren't too tiny.

    This first pic is of one young man cleaning windows. It's hot as hell outside, but here he is looking so nice in his white shirt and black trousers. Thank you, young man! I don't have a picture of the groundskeeper who was fishing old leaves, cigarette butts and other things out of the plant pots before he kindly watered them. I don't have a picture of the young man who was carefully cleaning the metal beads that hang around that lounge bed in the lobby or the one who constantly walks the halls wiping the chair railing. But you can be sure someone is busy making sure the sand stays on the beach and every other thing is clean!

    We were in room 4501, fourth block, fifth floor, first room with the BEST VIEW!! Verice was our housekeeper. She was sweet, and she was rather quiet, but always pleasant every day. She did a spectacular job for us, and we appreciated her so much.

    We were blessed also to meet a first floor housekeeper in our block. Her name is Tamarrah. She greeted me with a hug and a smile every single day. She was like a little pixie.

    We have much more in the area of shout-outs, and when I can get back to the job of resizing the pictures, you will see them here.

    There is no better staff anywhere on the planet than is at Couples Tower Isle, I promise!!

    Love and Hugs,
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    Hands down, gotta give a shout out to Noxroy! The man just has plain fun while he works. Dancing, singing, smiling. He's a supervisor in training at the CSS bars. We had a blast and he made it even better. Also a shout out to Veronique, Thelma, Kenny, Martin and everyone else. Everyone exceeded our expectations! Can't wait to see you all again. Though, in two years, we'll be going to try swept away. We'll be back here eventually. Thank you all for the best vacation ever! Ya mon!

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    All of the staff at CTI is AMAZING
    KIMONNI-This guy needs a promotion. We sat at the piano bar and watched him make blue cheese martini's for a large group. He would stuff the cheese into individual olives and it was very time consuming. No matter how many times he was asked to do this he smiled smiled smiled and gave that group the best martini they had ever experienced. I would make about two of those and tell people to stuff their own olives hahaha They were a nice group though.

    You don't realize how hard the bartenders work until you want to hang out with them haha We sat in the piano bar and didn't get to talk to him much. It was request after request. No matter what drink was asked of him to make he did it smiling and taking pride in the fact he was the best bartender there *sorry other bartenders*
    Him and my husband bonded and I think I have heard Derek say "man I miss Kimonni" everyday since we have been back. He gave us memories that will last forever and we really did feel a special bond with him by the time we left. He was no longer a member of the staff that was paid to wait on us. He was a friend that we didn't want to make us drinks but sit on the other side with us. Which he didn't because he does take his job seriously. I really can't say enough about him but hope Randymon reads this. This is WHY we come back and are Couples loyalists.

    EVERALD My sweet sweet Everald. I can't tell you how many people book Couples just because of you. We talked with so many people that talked about you. One couple in the piano bar said it was their 25 visit and that you were the person that they always look forward to seeing.

    Every staff member we talked to said they do not read the messageboard. I would like to ask Randymon PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you or the mb moderator reads something that sticks out about a certain staff member you might want to print it out and give it to one of the managers for a staff meeting.

    These staff members really need to know how much of an impact they have on our lives and that no matter how beautiful the resort is, the staff is WHY we come back.

    Beautiful resorts are a dime a dozen but the staff at Couples is what makes it rise above the rest.-Breanna & Derek Stone MO

    We miss you Kimonni

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    Shout outs - We stayed at CTI from 3/19 through 3/26 in 4501. Our housekeeper was fantastic, but I did not get her name. Byron, Emorth were the first faces we saw on our arrival and they were awesome and completely made us feel as family. Jermaine in the veggie bar for making me a special custom veggie drink that I call the "Jermaine Special". In the bar: Kenrick, Sharon, Percival for taking care of us and making fabulous drinks. The Entertainment staff: Matthew and Katie for making everything so much fun. At the main pool: Dewayne for taking care of things, cleaning up our spills and patiently teaching me some Patois! Jason for teaching me the Jamaican Handshake. Captain Kirk for patiently taking our pictures. The entire staff was awesome and I cannot think of a single thing that was lacking. We loved it and loved the staff!
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