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    Last week we returned home from our new second home... Couples Tower Isle.

    This was the most amazing trip ever, and it has a lot to do with the staff.

    Everyone was so caring, personable, generous... I could go on, but we all know, I mean why else would you be posting on this board if it wasn't to show your appreciation and give a shout out?

    Most hotels/resorts pay their staff to behave a certain way to their clientele. At our resort, you could really sense the genuine love that these people have not only for their job, but for the vacationers and for each other. It is truly remarkable how well the staff interacts with each other and with their guests.

    While I could go on forever about our stay, I would like to give a few shout-outs...
    ~Damion, you have such a kind soul. Your daughter is so lucky to have you in her life.
    ~Tanisha, for making us smile everyday and getting all of the staff members to call us Bob & Rita. You are so wonderful.
    ~Jamar, for cleaning out the ost beautiful konk shell for me and keeping me company while my husband was napping during the day
    ~Kahleel, what can I say... you are amazing! Thank you for everything and we can't wait to see you again next year for more story telling and rapping.

    The staff is what makes this resort so amazing and they are why we are coming back year after year.


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    Default Love CN!

    It is the staff at CN that makes us long to come home every year!! Jerado, Sherika, Adrian, Herbert, Leroy, Randal, Kenton, Camisha, Onike and of course Mr. Tucker! We just love the scuba guys Craig, Richard, Sugar, Alain and Ashran. I got a facebook post from Craig Friday that said "Jamaica misses you!" and we booked for September the next day! He needs to get a bonus from the travel agent! 75 days til we go HOME. The people of CN make this resort our favorite!

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    We just returned from CSA... the first of many trips there I'm sure! I'm sure I'll miss someone, as all the service was great, but the ones that stand out in my mind are Toyan (from Patois, and he filled in at SeaGrapes one afternoon), Roxanne (Patois) - I think she waited on us every day! Nevan and Natasha from the beach bar, Ruel (I think that is spelled right?), Cindy and Duane from the swim up bar, honestly everyone!!! Can't wait to go back!

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    Default CN is the place to be!

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    Hopefully, this picture will show up, it's our favourite dive team!
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    We loved Alex, who we meet on our first trip to SA, and was happy to see him again trip number 2. Sorry to hear he is no longer there. It would have been nice to see him again.

    Although he is the person I remember most, we never ran into any staff member that wasn't wonderful

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    Too many GREAT people at CN to single any one person. Only one bad experience all week and thanks for the following people for making our first Couples experience wonderful. We'll be back
    Franklin (Bar Tender)-Pool bar
    Elkie and child (Bar Tender)- Beach bar
    Tennyson (Bar Tender)- Terrace Bar
    Denver (Waiter)-Lychee
    Donna- House keeping
    Albert-Water sports

    We are certain that there are several names not mentioned here that made our stay memorable

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sublimebrad View Post
    Just back from CSA. Romaine at the swim up bar was the best.

    We were there in May and Romaine was by far our favorite! I hope he is still working there when we go back.

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    We got married at Couples, Negril in June. We were SO happy with everything. Especially our wedding coordinator Kenisha Dell. Kenisha made sure that every detail of our wedding was perfect and didn't quit until it was right. We can't wait to go back, year after year. All of our pictures are too large to upload

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    Default Wonderful reservation staff

    When I thought all hope for our vacation was gone because of a prior commitment by our babysitter, Hope stepped up from the reservation office and helped us change the date of our vacation. I called the reservation office expecting to have to cancel the vacation I have been counting days (from over 500) for and Hope worked it out. Thank you so much for having staff that cares

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    Its been too long ago, but thought I should post this anyway. Evelyn the late night bartender at the "grill" at CN was absolutely perfect. She seemed to be very interested in how we were doing and was very eager to serve our "needs", ie...drinks. I certainly hope she is there upon our return. We have a place in our heart for this lovely lady. Hope all is well with her and her family.

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    Jovane @ CN. His quick wit, silly jokes, sense of humour and general observations and commentaries were a true delight. A very entertaining and likeable young man is Jovane, and I think a major asset to Couples Negril!

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    It was our third time to CSS and each return HOME is warmer than the last. That is because of the warm welcome we receive from the wonderful staff at CSS. It all starts out front with always smiling & helpful FRANKIE, the bellman, You need a ride anywhere, questions answered check with Frankie. The entertainment staff, SHELLIANN & KATYANN, awsome, always smiling and insuring you have a great time. Watch out for KATYANN when playing Shots Bingo. CATHERINE, at Pallazina, best bolognaise around. My favorite & BEST bartender at CSS, JHEANEL at SSB, we love you girl. A trainee but we hope to see fulltime, TOFFIANO , cook at SSB, Another trainee with a wonderful smile who we hope to see next year is V. And last but not least, PIERRE BATTAGLIA, the leader who inspires this great staff at CSS. I know i forgot some of my family members at CSS, but we love seeing you all every year.
    Gerard & Tammi

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    This past July 2011 was my wedding at CSS one of the staff members that made it most enjoyable was Patrick Campbell, my PADI dive instructor. Patrick, my brother from another mother, I hope I get to come and dive with you again sometime really soon. Till then I'll never forget the time I shared with all the staff at Beautiful CSS.....Name:  IMG00097-20110715-0931.jpg
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    Dewayne Campbell

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    Taneisha (I hope I am spelling that correctly) was the bartender at CSS SSB the week of August 20-27th and she was absolutely great. She asked our names on the first day and never forgot them. She gave us a warm goodbye on our last day and said she couldn't wait to see us again. I really appreciated her service and friendly attitude. It really made our experience better.

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    Default CSS Staff

    Hi, Jeff and I were at CSS for the first time in July and already have a trip planned for next July! The reason we have for coming back is that we truly felt at home, only better! Some of the people who made that possible were Jhaneal, wonderful bartender at SSB, and Marvin in watersports, we also were impressed with a trainee who's name I do not have with me, she was a bartender who seemed to be wherever we were-and always smiling. The entertainment staff was terrific too, always looking out to make sure everyone was having a good time. So, it was the staff of CSS that truly made our vacation, the best ever. Thanks.

    Metro Detroit, MI

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    Default CSA Staff was amazing!!

    We were married at CSA on August 16, 2011 and the staff was amazing our entire trip! We met Curtis and Ricardo at the swim up bar on our first day. They asked where we were from and we talked about our upcoming wedding and how it was just the two of us. We learned that Ricardo was engaged and will soon be married. He was so nice and even shared a picture of his beautiful fiance` and adorable son. As we were talking about our family and the fact that they couldn't be there with us, Curtis offered to be our best man. We thought that was great but honestly, didn't really think he would come. Over the next 2 days, we saw a lot of Curtis & Ricardo and every time they mentioned our wedding and how happy they were for us. On the morning of our wedding, my husband asked me if I thought Curtis would show up to witness our marriage, and I truthfully said no, that he probably had better things to do on his off time. Soon after, the wedding coordinator led us out to the gazebo, and there stood Curtis with a big smile on his face! He had come for our 10:00 am ceremony but didn't have to be to work until 4:00 pm that day. I cannot explain how much that meant to us, that he took time out of his personal life to come and witness our ceremony. It is something we will remember always, and we even sent him home with cake! After our ceremony, we headed to the swim up bar and Ricardo admitted that he was planning to attend our wedding as well but got called in to work the bar that morning. We really appreciated how special they made us feel and we will definitely be looking for them when we go back next year. We have to give honarble mention to Cecil, our photographer, who made us laugh and gave us the most beautiful phots ever. As well as Jermaine, at the Seagrapes Cafe, who kept us entertained every day at lunch. We just want to thank everyone at CSA for making our wedding the most memorable it could be!!!
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    Greg and I want to send a shout out to Camesha ( I hope I spelled that right). Darling! Your “boss” says hello and he can’t wait to see you next week. And to my favorite poolside bartender - Conroy - Handsome! See you next week!

    Hugs and Kisses

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    Default So Many Shout Outs, So Little Time...

    Michael and I have been returning to Couples (home as we know it), for 8 years now. CSA is our annual destination every December and we are never disappointed with the staff. Sandia is the most fabulous server. Michael and I love seeing her, and track her down the moment we get settled. Her smile and wonderful sense of humor: Priceless! Then there's Onique, my martini king.....he's been shakin' my drink since 2007. Love him!!! And of course I can't help but mention Aikem. FUNNY, FUNNY, FUNNY....We are so looking forward to our arriving "home" in 98 days......Love to the staff, and of course, their leader, Ricardo!

    One Love, Michael and Jill Brown

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    We just got back from CSA and where do I begin. We made so many new friends at CSA. The employees at CSA are absolutely so incredible we feel that we have made some life long friends. There are too many stories to tell with each of these people but I will try to keep it as brief as possible.

    Onique - Thank you for your kindness and smiles every day as you mixed our drinks on the beach and did your best to teach us some of your language. Wa go on mon! Your specialty drinks are the best!

    Clau - Thank you for all that you shared with us about you on the beach. Your drinks are the best and we hope that you never change your name. It's part of what makes you so unique.

    Fiona - Thank you for making each of our dining experiences at Feathers a memorable one. Your restaurant is absolutely amazing and the food and service even better. We miss you already.

    Franklyn - Your thoughtfulness and friendship will never be forgotten. The way that you took care of our every need at Feathers and made sure that every visit there was special meant the world to us. Please never lose your zest for life and keep laughing on a daily basis. We hope to see you again in the future.

    Teresa - Thank you for the dance lessons and dragging me out on to the dance floor even though I'm not the best dancer in the world. Also thank you for having breakfast with us and sharing your stories with us as well. You are am AMAZING person.

    Oneal - Thank you for the dance lessons and so much fun at Aura. We truly enjoyed getting to know you and we hope that you do pursue dance school. You are an incredible dancer. Thank you for your friendship and kindness.

    Nicholas - We miss you so much already! What can we say, you have a heart of gold and courage to match it. Thank you for always keeping things interesting from the dance contest to the limbo. Keep practicing your dance moves and you will be even better the next time that we see you. Your singing was outstanding and we truly value your friendship. You are such a talented young man. We will stay in touch with you on facebook.

    There are also so many others at Swept Away that we met and got to know during our week there. We thank you for all that you have done for us and we miss you all. You are what makes Jamaica such a special place to visit. We hope to see many of you the next time that we come to visit your beautiful country.

    One Love,
    Ben and Sharon

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    Carlos is amazing at Couples Negril!! Thanks

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    Want to thank again Clayton and Harley at CSA for my morning wakeboarding runs as they were just fantastic and really enjoyed being around those guys! Also to Harley for teaching us the Hobie Cat as it was a great experience once we learned how thanks to him! They both are truly great assets to CSA!

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    Hey everyone, cheers from Canada!

    We spent a fabulous week (our 25th anniversary) at CN this past August and the staff were just awesome! In particular, the following were stand-outs:

    Kadeen (efficient, friendly and cute too!)
    Milton and Jovane (best night snorkel dive I've ever done - thanks guys!!!! Millton, I meant what I said. If I win the lottery, you'll get your dive shop )
    Camilla (our beach drinks Queen - what red flag? We don't need no stinkin' red flag!!! Not with Camilla anyway, lol! )
    Franklin (cool and collected, he got around but then so did we, heh heh!)
    Carlos - I didn't play pool volleyball but watched the gang play and he was a hoot!
    Kaneesha (we were lucky whenever he got her as our waitress - she even remembered my favourite drink!)
    and Keon in the CN fashion store - helpful, friendly and very beautiful too!

    Take care friends and we hope to see you again and hopefully soon!
    The Kottmeiers

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    Did he work in water sports??

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    I have a problem....
    The problem is that from the day I arrived to the day I departed I had exceptional service from the complete staff at Negril.
    It is not often that the resort manager comes and talks with you like a friend. I have been too many resorts but this is the first where I have meet vacationers that have returned more then 7 and 10 times.
    I understand why now. The staff as a team makes you feel at home and wanted.
    My biggest shout out is to the SCUBA TEAM!!! WAY TO GO. From Sugar who tried to get my wife to dive and to Richard, Sherick and Allen.
    Thank you very much. For this we will return.

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    Default Water Sports "Admiral"

    My husband and I spent two fabulous weeks at CSA this past August. Although it is very difficut to pin down favorite staff members, because they are all so wonderful, we have to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Clayton in Water Sports for beineg so gracious, cordial, and helpful, plus he always had a smile on his face. We gave Clayton the nickname of "Admiral" because he is so deserving of such a title!!

    Hoping to see you again in 2012!!Name:  IMG_1669.jpg
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