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    I would like to give a shout out to a couple of people at CSA:

    Avorius - waiter - Patois: He took great care of us and helped my wife learn some of their language, he is quite the character! My wife told me that dessert was coming and that he one of the desserts on his head...yep...he sure did!

    Peter - bartender: We first met him in the Aura lounge in 2010 the night my wife and I got married. We showed up early and he welcomed us in and chatted with us until it got busy. We just got back from CSA and found him doing well at one of the beach bars, it was fun to see him again.

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    Does anyone know if Roxanne, tall slender woman who works the grill and other restaurants at Swept Away, is still there? She was so sweet and fun when we were there in October and I have reason to believe she may have had a surgery or something. Any information on her would be appreciated.

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    After 4 times at a Couples Resort we can finally pick out someone who stands out from the rest of the great employees. At Couples Sans Souci we met the delightful, and always smiling, Vanya. Working in the Pallazina, the Bella Vista and at the Repeaters dinner, we thoroughly enjoyed her pleasant attentiveness and attitude the whole week we were there. If only ALL the employees could be as refreshing. Our annual vacation to one of the Couples Resorts was made very special. Thank you Vanya!
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    Mike & Martha

    CSS 2010, 2013, 2014
    CTI 2011
    CN 2012

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    I would like to give a big SHOUT OUT to CN staff; you Ladies and Gentleman were great. I would like to thank my new friends at CN; Shawna, Ruthann, Kiev and Okeno, for always hanging out and making our day and activities fun. To Denise and Orelle, who both were trainees, but interacted with us as if they had years of experience. Denise and Orelle, always had a smile and always made us feel welcome and you could tell that they really enjoyed their job. I canít express how great the above mention staff, made us feel as if we were old friends. Canít wait to return in two years.

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    Default Just sitting on the beach at CSA...

    Well its just been 5 days here and we already feel like family from the GREAT staff at CSA. Mark from the beach bar ,is not only bringing me drinks within 5min. of the bar opening, he brings me a flag so I don't even have to move except to flip

    And Kevin not only gave us our first tour of the resort. But he makes sure we are TOTALLY happy, every time he see's us. Not only having lunch with us, but stopping by at breakfast too. NOW thats customer service! This is our 6th diff. resort and I believe we found our 2nd home!

    Thank-you COUPLES!!!

    Dale and Michelle

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    We were at CSA 4/26-5/3. The entertainment staff: Alex, Andre, Kevin, Tamara, and Tomeka always went out of their way to come socialize with us. The fact that they could remember our names with all of the guests there just amazes me. Lemongrass staff...too any to name....all great! Gawayne at sea grapes for making my sweet potato chips with various dips. Sports desk: Clayton and Clyde, Seymour, Eton, Desmond, Darryl, Oliver...I know I'm missing a few but they were amazing. We spent most of our time down here and they were always willing to help (sorry if I misspelled anyone's names). Shane at patois...had to deal with the extremely intoxicated and obnoxious guest sitting next to us. He handled the situation very well.

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    A wonderful shout out to a man that greets you with a smile when you arrive and remembers you when passing in the hallway and has been so helpful! Emorth, one of the wonderful bellmen at CTI! He has made this trip that much better since the day we arrived! Thank you sir for your kindness!

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    Default Csa

    Just got back from my first trip to Jamaica and I have to say the entire staff of CSA deserve a shoutout! We LOVED our trip and will be back!
    Our favorites were:
    Reynaud - beach waiter
    Colleen - beach bartender
    Dwight - Martini bar
    Julian and Colleen - Water sports hut

    I didn't realize until halfway through our trip that I should be remembering the names and keeping up, so there are several who I missed. I'll make up for it next time around!
    Thanks, CSA for the best vacation ever!

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    Is Miguel and Ozzie still at CTI? We were last there in May 1997 and Dec/Jan 1997-98. They were awesome people. We are returning to out beloved island 7/2/2013. Hope to see old friends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelandJudy View Post
    Is Miguel and Ozzie still at CTI? We were last there in May 1997 and Dec/Jan 1997-98. They were awesome people. We are returning to out beloved island 7/2/2013. Hope to see old friends.
    Sorry MichaelandJudy, those guys both left years ago. No sure where they went. We loved them also, our island barmen, so many happy memories. I will attempt to attach some pics - could only find ones of me showering on the island with Miguel and in the piano bar circa 1997, none so far of Ozzie but will keep looking, if you have any we would love to see them. The "new" island staff are just as awesome, most started on the re-opening in 2009 - Damien, Terry, Ronaldo, Pasanga... they should still be there since we last saw them early 2012. You guys have so much to look forward to you don't even know it, the new CTI is simply amazing, you can't not have a good time. Enjoy the countdown and have a fantastic reunion with your Couples family.
    One Love
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    WANNA GIVE A BIG SHOUT OUT TO MA BOY RONALDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BARTENDER AT CTI! if anyone working THERE sees this, tell that "SUPER FREAK" Steve & Ashlyn said hello!!!

    SUPER FREAK!!! - March 2013

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    Thank you so much for responding to my question. I see the photos are pending approval. I will dig and find some photos to attach as well. I know I have a great pic of Migel at the Island.
    One Love

    Michael & Judy.

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    I have heard that the staff is the signature of tower isle! I can't wait to meet everybody! See y'all on the 19th!

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    CTI Staff,

    Just got back from another great trip to CTI. All the staff was great, but two of them stood out with their friendliness and genuine interest in making us feel welcome. We had a blast! Simone and Henricay. Top notch people and hope they are still there next time we are back. Thanks you two!
    Bart & Melissa.

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    Our favorites at CSS, last trip was December 2012

    Peter, bar trainee was a stand-out. This young man seems terminally happy and his mood is infectious to be around.

    Antony was a very entertaining bar tender. He has a great singing voice and some very surprising song selections.

    Gloria was also a great bartender. We are by nature bar people on vacation and at home and very much appreciate someone this attentive and helpful.

    Milton came to be our favorite waiter, both at Palizzina and Casanova.

    There were many others including friendly and informative groundskeepers who's names we never got, and folks at the front desk and bellmen who we had more limited contact with.

    We never had any experiences with staff who were not helpful and nice to us. This is the primary reason we come back to Couples. Six months after vacation and six months until we're back and we both still think, and talk about Couples often. We've been to other resorts and other beautiful places in the world, but the Couples staff is what makes the difference to us. Thank you all!!!

    Scott and June

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    my husband and I visited CTI last year for the first time. The staff was the highlight of our trip! They made us feel comfortable and we were able to relax!! We are definitely looking forward to seeing everyone in 41 more days! We will be looking for Kirk and Byron not to mention everyone that helped us while doing the activities on the resort - Seaweed and the rest of the crew. Catamarans, snorkeling, glass bottom boats are calling my name!! See you soon!

    Terra & James

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    We just love Bryon from Couples Isle Tower. my sister, brother in law, myhusband and myself were there in November. Bryon was an amazing worker, whenever he saw us he would say "Sister Sister" so we would respond "Brother Brother" he went out of his way to make us feel comfortable and always asked if there was anything we needed.

    We are planning our next trip already and are looking forward to see our "Brother Brother"!

    Quote Originally Posted by Seandymon View Post
    Hello everyone,

    I have been reading so many great stories about the Couples staff throughout the message board while I moderate it, and I thought it would be fun to create a thread specifically for staff shout outs! I envision a place where you can all share specific stories about how a staff member(s) made your vacation even better, went above and beyond to make sure you were happy, did something really funny, or really any great stories and experiences you have shared with our staff.

    Okay, well I look forward to reading your stories!

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    We just returned home from Couples Barbados, and really wanted to give a thanks to Adrian, Ricardo, Gianni, and Samantha. Best of the bar and really helped keep our vacation fun and the days interesting! Couples should look to these bartenders as examples to strive for with the new trainees at CB!

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    CTI 7/2013

    Staff that stood out this year, Byron, Kirk and Evard, as always, Paul, Kimoni, Teneisha, Damion (now a Team Leader), Adrian (Food Service Team leader), Fennela (Spa), Aneisha, Fire Fox and Chad (all from Entertainment), Dave in the Grill and there was a female, but I canít remember her name, then Mark and Dean on the Patio and Alford for my morning Power Walks. There are others, but I canít remember their names.

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    My husband and I just returned from our first trip to Couples Negril 6/8-6/14. We wanted to thank the following employees for making our trip special and one that we won't forget for a really long time - Kiev, Ruthann, Sheryl (piano bar - she make amazing chocolate martinis), Cecilia (wrong spelling I think) she worked all over, but we mainly saw her at the beach. The employees are what makes this place great!

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    Just return back from our second trip to CTI. much thanks to the following staff for making our trip such a delight!

    Tamera. Room attendant
    Jaimie Ann. Front desk, arranged our room transfer
    Kenisha entertainment
    Maxine guest service manager
    Vernon head of security
    Andrew, repeater's dinner, housekeeping
    Garfield server 8 Rivers
    Garfield server Verandah
    Beverly at sign up desk
    Kayla server main dining
    Paul, bar
    Becky and Bud, VA, USA
    CTI 6/30 - 7/5/2011
    CTI 7/2 - 7/10/2013

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    Can anyone tell me if Leonard Henry is still the GM at CTI?

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    Shout-out to Marcos at CSA! When we arrived at CSA, it was pouring down rain & of course, our room was on the complete opposite side of the resort. Marcos managed to get us to our room without getting totally soaked & with huge grins on our faces!! He was very friendly & kept us laughing the whole way there.

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    We just got back from CN and had a photoshoot with Syan. He was so much fun and took great pictures for us! The biggest problem was narrowing the pictures down to fit on the CD!

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    Just back from a great trip to CN. Shout-outs to Desmond in Water Sports, Charles at the Cassava Bar, Germaine in the Piano Bar and Shawn who served us with a smile at both Otaheite and Cassava Terrace. Thanks for making our stay just that much better!

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