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    We just returned from of our best trips EVER.

    Special thanks to Meesha at the A/N Beach Bar. She helped the September to Remember Group keep our "Floating Yacht Club & Sippatorium Bar" filled with what we asked for. What a gem she is....and what a great smile

    Also, Tevon at the towel hut. Always a great smile, "good morning" and pleasant conversation each day. Then he moves to bartender at the Heliconia Beach Bar where he will "buy you a drink". Franklin at the Beach Bar was also someone we looked to see each day. Great guy, great drinks, pleasant conversation.

    We thought the staff at breakfast each morning was really on their "A" game this trip. Water glasses & coffee were always refilled promptly and with a smile to boot. Kudos to the entire breakfast crew!
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    We spent September 19-26. A tip of the lid to Meesha at the CN AN beach bar. Meesha did an incredible job keeping the Bloody Bay Nudie Yacht Club & Sippatorium Bar VIPs well hydrated She went above and beyond and really made the week special. Would also like to tip my lid to Kanali and Tracy at the Heliconia grill.
    Overall, CN provided the best uniform customer service of any resort we have stayed well done CN.

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    Default Piano Bar Paul

    We love Paul in the Piano Bar at CN. He always gets the crowd going, makes everyone comfortable singing and has a wonderful disposition, not to mention his musical talent. Tell him we said BE-YOU-TI-FUL!!

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    Shout out to:

    Capt Kirk

    Thanks everyone for making our vist home a great one, as always. It was great to make new friends with the staff and see others again after being away from CTI last year.

    Marty and Joanne

    See you next week - I wish - see you next August 2010

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    I am reposting this from another thread I started. Sorry if I offend anyone with the repeat.

    Can anyone please tell me if Hugh (from the front, bellhop, etc) is still at CSS?
    If so, has anyone been there recently that can update me on how he is doing?

    Every single year, Hugh actually remembers us when we return "home" and last year we tried CN (and fell in love) but we miss Hugh and would love an update. I have just recently had a "tugging" at my heart about him over the last few weeks and I hope he is doing okay.

    He really always went the extra mile for us. Any time we ever needed anything Hugh was always ready to help us out. We really appreciate him, and would like to communicate with him somehow.

    Thanks in advance! Randy, maybe you can help me with this too?

    Much love,
    "Rescuing one dog will not change the world....
    But for that dog the world will be forever changed"
    God bless the rescue babies!

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    Default Hugh from CSS

    Hi Jerseygirl,
    My husband and I just returned from CSS on the 19th.
    Hugh is still there and still a wonderful guy. It was our first time there and he was for sure one of our favorites. He has a wonderful smile!

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    Default CSA Staff

    We have quite a few staff members who made our stay in October of 2008 wonderful - can't wait to get back (we only have 9 days now!!) to see them again!!

    Ricardo - our most favorite bartender that made our stay fabulous at all times!

    Reni - my favorite water sports guy - he remembered us in March when we went by our "home" resort (we stayed at a family one then)!!

    Frazier - our 2nd most favorite bartender!!

    I have enclosed a photo of Ricardo and us from 2008!

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    We just got back the 28th from Sans Souci and we loved it. It was our first time in Jamaica. We will be back for sure. Shout outs to Leighton, Colin, Adrian, Marcel, Shelly Ann, I forgot the name of the older picture taker, and unfortunately I'm forgetting more names that certainly deserve to be mentioned. Much love to all of you from Carlos & Minnie in Florida.

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    Default here's 6 of the many @ CN

    here's afew of the stand-outs in our minds;
    Herbert ...bellman
    these wonderful people always seem to go above and beyond the call of duty, always with a smile. they truely make you feel like one of the family.
    kevin & susanna shiels
    61 more sleeps 'til CN

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    We love Tevon and Franklyn at the Heliconia/Beach Grill bar! They always called me "Princess" and made sure our glasses were full.

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    I've got my list...I need to post it!

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    Seandymon -

    The Couples staff during our recent stay at CN was superb.
    The hardest working people on the planet...
    Feron - worked from the beach to the pool all day in 90-95 degree heat, always had a cold beverage on our beachtable. And this guy is a TRAINEE !
    Lincoln - always working the grounds, cleaning, sweeping, pushing something around... nice guy too !
    Floy - this girl had be walking 15 miles a day. Again, the HEAT, and always a smile and a cold beer.
    Kaylene & Anne Marie, our amazing house cleaning staff... had answers to all of our questions and kept our room spotless !

    Tevon, Sharlette, our girl Joyce, and Carrie at the swim-up bar... very busy and always smiling
    Franklin & Conroy at the main beach bar... bigger bar, bigger smiles.
    Deston and Tevon again at towels. Nice to see them in the shade once in awhile...

    so many others... thank you all again,

    Robert & Sarah

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    Our man Sheldon, at CTI.

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    Default The Patois Patio Crew Morning, noon and night!

    Big Up to Kenneth, Chef, and all:
    THREE more Sleeps, soon come, Mon.
    Maximum Respect,

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    Default Couples Tower Isle ( Shout out to Maxine)

    This was my first trip to Couples and it certainly will not be
    my last. The Staff was everything and more what I heard from
    the couple that brought us.

    Maxine took the time to eat Dinner and Breakfast and Lunch with
    us. Even Mr Henry came over with his great sense of humor.

    From the Bus driver to the waiter, lobby staff, tour guide, cooks
    now I see why people return year after year. And to the ladies
    who gave us a massage WOW. To the person who made our beds every
    night turn the bed down always left something diffrent to look at. It is those little things that all add up when you treat your guess like Family. Family always come Home. So big SHOUT
    OUT to Couples Tower Isle. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

    Janice Wright

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    We love the staff at the Couples Resorts.
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    So many wonderful employees of Couples..We miss each and every one of them.
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    And even more.
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    Default Lij, Antoinette, and the entire Sans Souci staff were spectacular

    I scheduled a trip to Couples Sans Souci in hopes of Re-kindling a flagging relationship with my wife by surprising her with a vow renewal in beautiful, romantic, Jamaica. Every aspect of the trip was perfect. From the time we touched down in Montego Bay until the time we got back to the United States everything was perfect. I could not have asked for a more enticing atmosphere and I was especially impressed with how the planning for the ceremony was handled with every effort made by Antoinette, Lij and the rest of the staff to maintain absolute secrecy so that my wife was none the wiser through every preparation including a visit to the beauty shop to get a "Tropical" hair do and right up until she was standing at the top of the stairwell and actually heard the wedding music and was handed the bouquet.

    I thank every member of the Sans Souci Staff and especially Lij and Antoinette who made this vacation the most absolutely romantic, overwhelmingly serene, and completely perfect vacation we have ever experienced as a couple.

    I am already setting aside the money to return. I hope you guys are ready for us.

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    Good job bobingin89! You are the Man!

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    Default Hey Richard!

    I want to give a shout out to Richard @ CN who was a part of the activities dept. We were there in June and everyday he had something fun planned for the day. It was so much fun watching Richard and my husband playing table tennis cause you could tell they had that male thing going and they both wanted to win. (lol)

    And really everybody at CN made our stay there FABULOUS! But a special shout out to Rich from Sandra & Rick...we can't wait to come back home!!!

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    [COLOR="purple"]I was at CSA last year and made my own "green flag" for the beach from a stick. I needed to carve the bottom so I could get it in the sand. I was by the swim up bar and the gardener"DAMIEN" was hard at work and I felt a little silly to interupt him. I asked he he could use the machette to carve my stick which was at the room.

    He immediatly stopped what he was doing and walked a bit to my room and carved the bottom of my beach sceptre and refused to accept a discreet tip from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    My girl fiend Kerry Ann and I at CN
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    We just returned from CSS on Sunday. Big shout out to Francine at the SSB pool bar as well as Marcel who kept us laughing our whole trip.

    Cant wait to go back home.
    Amanda & Chris
    Edmonton, AB

    "Were Coming HOME with our Jamaican Crew Oct 12, 2011"

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    Default Nicest people on the planet!

    Wow! We had such an amazing trip to CTI. We were there in early October and the staff there is over the top amazing! There was not one single person we encountered that did not bring a genuine smile to our face! Front desk, maids, maintenance and groundskeepers, waitresses, waiters, sports/activities, bartenders, restaurant servers.....EVERYONE!

    Everaldo and Byron were the first to do that and continued to do so throughout our trip. We would see Everaldo from completely across the room and always get a huge smile and energetic wave from him. And Byron, have fun keeping up with those very busy twins of yours!

    We enjoyed fantastic service from Kinard on multiple evenings at Eight Rivers! Thanks for taking care of us Kinard.

    There's no better way to start your morning before a dive than chatting with Ulysees while he masters an amazing "cook-to-order" omelet. How can anyone be THAT happy at 7am!

    We also loved chatting with Kenesha and all the beautiful and fun ladies at the pool bar. You are all lovely and simply delightful bartenders!

    And Gary...loved chatting with you every afternoon EVEN though you told me to try that sea grape! YUCK! And I will take your advice and try a "little bite" the next time someone tells me to try something new! Take care of that baby girl!

    Our biggest kuddos, however, are to our AMAZING divemasters, with whom we spent every morning of our trip but one. Rasta for being so fun and making our dive experience so great by pointing out things we never would have seen. And "I love my job!" Colin. You truly touched my heart, my friend. Not only did I feel so incredibly safe diving with you but you have a smile and laugh that lights up the world! So fun to spend time with you... both in the water and hanging out around the dive shop. And Capt. Dave, we didn't get to say good-bye but you were awesome! And honestly, everyone in the dive guys rock! Irie! :-)

    The staff at CTI is truly the heart and soul of this resort. The physical structure was very nice but it is the people that work there that will make us come back. We met so many people (guests) on our trip that come back every year and it is now very obvious to us why they are so loyal! It's coming back to family...the happiest and most fun you've ever experienced!

    Hope we see you guys next year!

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