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    Default Looking for Golfers CSS/CTI 1-22 to 1-29-11

    Staying at CSS, arriving on Saturday, 1/22 through 29th. Great golf course in Ocho, have been there two other trips, can't wait to go back!

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    Default We are golfers

    We will be at CTI from Jan 22-29th and are also golfers. We will be going out on Monday morning. We can meet up on the bus if you would like to join me and my husband.

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    I'll be there on the 21st. I like to golf too. Not the wife though, she would rather sit on the beach LOL
    Look me up when you get to CTI (last name Rainey) staying in the Premier ocean view rooms, but don't have a room number yet. Only 9 days left to go. How much are we looking at for golf?? I know its free, but the caddy, clubs, & etc are not. How much have you spent in the past to play??

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    My hubby said that would be good! He says he can hack with anyone! Name is Redd see you on the bus. Does it only go once in the morning? Golfed the course before but not from this resort.

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    Default Cost of golf

    considering that the actual fees are inclusive you should be expecting the following. clubs about $30 US for good clubs ie callaway, $10 for caddie, usually $10-$15 tip per bag. we usually buy our caddie a beer/drink when we get one. extra$ if you take a cart. you may consider this when you factor in the heat.We have played this course many times and usually get Vincent to caddie for us. He is old and crusty but very experienced and only adds to our yearly adventure. Look for the John Lennon glasses and you got us. we will love to golf with anyone. laughing more than acceptable.

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    Hey jeniper29, I am staying at CSS but derekandjudy above are staying at CTI and are golfing on Monday the 24th, maybe we could make it a foursome if you are interested. Cart for 2 - $40 , Shared Caddy - $25, walking caddy - $17, rental clubs about $60, but I have never rented, usually bring my own, same cost. I will probably play 3 or 4 times during the week, wife will be sitting on beach also! Not sure about bus transfer schedules, if they only go once in a.m. or not.

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    Default request

    Hi. When you go up to play golf could you please give the caddy master a message for Sophia White - just to let her know that Rob and Gaynor are coming back and will be playing on either 24 or 25 Feb (depends on weather). Thanks.

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