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    Default Best rooms at CSS for AN on the balcony

    I was getting ready to book a week at CSS and was thinking of reserving a One Bedroom Ocean Suite. We stayed at CTI in a Deluxe Ocean room last fall and were easily able to go AN on the balcony and were looking for the same at CSS. We did a Trading Places day last fall and loved SSB so wanted to try it out for a whole week this time. Can't wait for June!

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    That is most likely your best bet. The beach front rooms you can be seen very easily.
    Irie Mon

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    We were at CSS this past November and were in a One bedroom Ocean Suite (OBOS) in G block. Not ALL of the OBOS provide you with enough privacy to go AN on your balcony, so be forwarned of that.

    When we first arrived, we were given a room that was on the end of the building, which meant that one side of our balcony was open and we were directly beside the balcony in the building next to us, whose balcony side was also open. The majority of the OBOS have two solid walls on the balcony, meaning that you have more privacy, and your only view is the ocean below.

    We politely requested a room switch if possible, because we wanted something more private so that we could go AN on the balcony without disturbing anyone. Couples was more then happy to see what was available for us, and the next day we were switched to a different suite in G block. This room was one in the middle of the building with solid walls on both sides, so it provided the privacy that we were looking for.

    Keep in mind that this is your vacation, and only you can make the best of it by doing what you would like to do, such as going AN on your balcony. Also keep in mind that others are trying to do the same as you, make the best of their vacation. Not everyone is comfortable with AN, so the only other advice that I would offer, and Iím sure that you will follow it, is to be respectful about it. We were AN on our balcony most of the time we were out there, but you never would have known it. When there was a possibility that someone could have gotten an inadvertent glimpse, we had our bathrobes available if necessary.

    Enjoy your trip! You will absolutely fall in love with Couples and Jamaica. I know we did!

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    We had a 1bR Ocean suite in G Block, and while it was well protected when laying out on the chaise and the right side of the balcony, when you stood up on the left side, there was easy viewing up to the pool by the Balloon bar and that deck. Only a few people got a preview, but I did learn to check multiple angles for appropriate private AN space! :-)

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    I'd have to agree with the others about the OBOS. We were in a middle room in G Block and it was quite private. My hubby especially loved being AN out there and took advantage of the privacy. Like another posted said, be careful to check all the angles. And don't go stand at the railing. ;-) But we could definitely sit on our chairs and lounger with no problems.

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