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    Default Why is the Otehite and Lychee so cold.r

    We r a party of 6 staying at CN and on our 9th day here. We dined at the Otehite last night and the Lychee this evening. Both experiences were totally ruined by the freezing cold temperatures in both restaurants!!! The clues r there ..... Ladies are wearing woolley wraps or in desperation.... napkins on their necks!!!! Complaining doesn't seem to help, we were given the same excuse last time we were here. It's such a shame as the food is so nice but stone cold within 5 minutes of getting it. Very upset and very disappointed!!!

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    I agree! I do know that in Lychee the vents seem to be behind the walls as every time we sit there it is always colder. When we had a table in the center/middle of the dining room it was warmer. They told us it was on an automatic timer. Don't know about that. I always now bring a wrap when we eat at either of those two places.

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    Same at Feathers at CSA. VERY cold in there! It makes it all the more hot and muggy feeling when you go outside again. I didn't realize it would be so cold but I bring a sweater in case I get cold so I was ok. It is pretty freezing in there though. I appreciate the air conditioning but they could stand to turn it down a bit.

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    I also find it too cold so we pretty much just stick to the outside restaurants. We live in New York State which is cold most of the year so when I come to Negril I refuse to be cold.

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    i love the temp at Lychee. I love to go there when it is to hot to sit outside and eat. No sweating there, just sit and relax, if I need a sweater, that is good for me. Just have another drink, that will warm u up next time. have a great trip

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    Out of curiosity, what was the reason they gave you for it being so cold all the time?

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