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    Default First Time in June 1-5 CSA

    My wife and I have chosen to celebrate our 25th anniversary at CSA
    in June. Since we are leaving our 4 children back home we are only able to stay (4) nights but want to make the MOST of the trip. My question is will we have a hard time getting dinner reservations and Catamaran reservations with us coming in on a Wednesday and only staying (4) nights. My guess is that you can not make reservation in advance. Just checking to see if there are any tips as to the best way to get the reservations. Thanks in advance and can't wait for our first trip to CSA. Mike

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    I have done a 4 night trip to CSA and did not have problems getting in to the Cat Cruise. You will have the option of the Friday and Saturday Cat Cruise, just sign up on arrival. During our 4 night stay we were able to eat 3 of the 4 nights at reservation restaurants. We were just flexible about the times. You are correct, no advance reservations.

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    You are correct in that you can not make the reservations before you arrive. But you can make them as soon as you check in. I would suggest you do just that. When you are going through the check in process, which only takes a few minutes, tell them you want to make reservations for the cruise before you go to your room. With a five day stay you should have at least one cruise date available, maybe even two. Keep in mind that you only need dinner reservations for Feathers and Lemongrass. You can make them at the same time you make the cruise reservations. Dinner reservations can only be made on the day before or the day of the reservation, so you should have no problem getting the dinner reservations you desire while you are there. You will have the same chances as everyone else.

    Congratulations on your anniversary, our first trip to CSA was for our 25th anniversary as well. Going this summer to celebrate our 31st. Lots of helpful people and great information is available here on the message board. Have a great trip, you will love CSA!

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    If possible try to make your reservations as soon as you are checked into the resort. The catamaran is a great experience! Enjoy your vacation to CSA, we went there last year and LOVED it. Be prepared, you will want to visit every year from now...LOL!

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    Just make the reservations asap. The cat cruise is really fun so don't miss it. As for the restaurants, you might not get the exact time you want but you should get in. You made a great choice, have fun

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    As soon as they give you a room just head over to the main desk in the lobby area and make some reservations. You can have two outstanding dinner reservations at a time and there are only two that need reservations so you can do one of each if you want and then try the other two that don't need reservations the other nights. There are menus posted at the Palms and maybe in the lobby. June is not peak season so you will probably be able to get dinner reservations without too much trouble but the cruise only goes out on certain days so I would make that reservation ASAP. Sometimes there are large parties that want to go together and they fill up quickly. I can't remember but I think Wed might be lobster night.

    You will probably be fine. I just always book the cruise before we even get to the room so we can get a day we want. There are certain other things we usually try to plan around and you just never know how fast it will fill up.

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    You will probably get a REAL late dinner if you pick. We had the same problem but we still got reservations but one was for 9 pm, and 830. So we had a snack at 6 and then ate late but it was worth it. See you there. When you come in on the 1st and see a women in a wedding dress that is ME hahahaha. You will love it there. Jane

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