In all our trips to Couples, I've never booked through their website ... Always through an airline website with air/hotel together & took out their Trip Cancellation For Any Reason Insurance. So now, I'm wanting to book through before the rates go up on January 14th for a date too far out to book the air portion ... Couples insurance is just for the hotel (for the last 45 days before travel really & it looks like the refund is given back in travel credits from the insurance company, not in actual $$'s) . . . . . . So here is my question & it may sound dumb but even after talking to Couples, the airlines, & the travel insurance place I still am not sure what to do:

Question: When I book now with Couples, should I take out their insurance for the hotel portion or go through an outside company??? I want it covered up to day of travel. If I do, what about when I book the air portion??? Do I need insurance for that or can I just pay the change fee if I need to reschedule & change my ticket to another date (paying the difference in price for the new date)???? Don't know why this seems so confusing to me but what do the rest of you do when you book your hotel & air separately???? Any input would be helpful.