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    Default Parasail cost near CSA

    I know this is not affiliated with CSA at all, but thinking of doing parasail this trip. Anyone done it? Have pics and if so do you think it is worth the $

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    Our friends tried it last summer and said it was pretty cool. We are also thinking of trying it out this summer. The cost last year started at about $60 per person, but they negotiated it down to $100 for the two of them. I think that has probably been the going rate for the last few years, give or take a few bucks. Prices may be up this year with the increase in fuel costs, like everything. One thing our friends said was that they wished they had taken their camera with them. We took a few pictures from the beach of them going by, but photos from the air would have been much more interesting. As far as worth it, that is up to you. Most folks I have talked to about it said it was worth it going once, but they did not think they would shell out to go again. One and done does it for most folks.

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