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    Good day all,
    I am curious to know if anyone has suggested/ inquired about/ recommended that Couples offers an incentive or special bonus for repeaters whom recommend others to come to Couples. I know since we married there, we have recommended more than fifteen couples to the resorts-- particularly CSA-- and we have another 9 traveling to Couples within the next 12 months; despite the rate increases.
    I fell in love with CSA, per the recommendation of our travel agent, and have been suggestions to many others to have their holiday at a Couples Resort. I was just curious about this, as I am a loyal patron of this chain. I feel more like I am assisting a family member/ friend with their business in lieu of a corporation.

    Have a great day,


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    When the Romance Rewards program was originally implemented, returning guests were allowed to accumulate points based upon the number of stays as well as the number of referrals. The points per referrals aspect didn't work out very well, and it was abandoned when the program was modified.
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    They tried for awhile to reward guests for recommending others who eventually booked, but they discontinued. I'm sure the logistics were challenging.

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    Thank you BobandJudy. I can see that being an issue.

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