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    Default March7-21

    Anyone else going at this looking forward to this vacation at couples negril.

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    Default Hi!!!

    Check the "March Maniacs" thread - there are a bunch of us - old and new alike. My hub and I will be there 3/12 - 3/19 for our third time. Counting the days!!!!!

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    wife terry and i will be there march 7-14 !!! less than a month to go...

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    Will you be flying out of Halifax?

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    yes, on the monday morning march 7 flight ! can't wait to ditch this brutal NB winter. moncton's been hammered with snow over and over.

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    See you at the airport looks like were on the same flight.I agree with the " I'm sick of winter and we ain't gonna take it anymore....come march looking forward to this trip like everyone else.See you all soon.

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    we will be there the 6th to the 12th!

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    Quote Originally Posted by candb View Post
    we will be there the 6th to the 12th!
    See you the 7th.we should arrive at the resort by'll know who we are because we will be the happiest people on the beach:-)

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    Default March 11 - 19th

    Hey there,
    My hubby, Mike, and I will be there March 11th to the 19th. CN is the last of the four resorts we have to visit, and found what I've read, many would think we've saved the best for last. Can't wait to get out of all the snow I'm looking at here. See you in a few weeks. :-)
    windsorgirl (Christine)
    CSA '07,08
    CTI '09,10
    CSS '10
    CN '11

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    See you on the beach windorgirl and ditto to getting out of the snow:-)

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