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    Default Cruising vs. Couples

    NO COMPARISON! Couples wins every time.

    We just got back from a family cruise and all hubby and I did while cruising was compare how much better everything at Couples was including the food, privacy, included drinks, included activities, wonderful grounds, fantastic restaurant selection, awesome staff. There was not 1 thing that was better on the cruise. We hope to give April a try this year and if not April then definitely next Fall.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    I totally agree. We tried a cruise this spring and hated it.

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    We are there with you. We had been on 5 cruises before we found Couples. We will never go on another cruise!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I definitely can not wait to come to Couples. I can not imagine not ever going on another cruise again. As a matter of fact, my husband & I will b at CTI in Sept. 2011 and then I am taking my mother on a birthday cruise in Jan. 2012. I will let u know the verdict after coming back from Couples.
    Terry & Tonia Collins

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    We like cruises & take one every 1.5-2 years. We also enjoy trips to wine country, theme parks, Mexico, Key West, & other cities around the country. Having said that, Couples is the only place we go at least once a year, every year. We like to mix it up & do different things, but if we had to pick just one place to vacation for the rest of our lives, it would be Couples.

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    Canít get seasick sitting on a beautiful beach sipping your favorite drink.

    Life is good

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    I enjoy them both for what they are. A cruise does allow you to visit many places relatively inexpensively. In the past 10 years I've probably cruised on a ratio of 2-1 vs visits to Couples. I feel they both have their place.

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    Just did our 1st cruise,only because it was an 1 1/2 drive to Mobile, AL, and we could take daughter on a trip and dodge the family for was better than our preconceived idea of a cruise...but NOT Couples...we like to drink....and had to sneak our own liquor in, or pay through the nose "ala carte" for alcohol...and there are areas of the ship(most) where you never stop hearing that high pitched, 3-12 year old screaming sound...and the occasional head on collision with an unsupervised child...even the "adult only" areas are not strictly enforced
    The sun & the sand & a drink in my hand, with no bottom

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    We were on 7 or 8 Cruises when the kids were in school, great way for them to have fun and the wife and I to enjoy time together. Having said that this April will be our 7th year in a row to return to CSA. We have made great friendships over the years and have helped the children of Jamaica through the ISSA Foundation. We hope to raise more money this year. GO TEAM CSA !!!

    Still counting the days till April 16th


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    we have been on 2 cruises with the kids, then looked for somewhere to RELAX , found CN and have been back 6 times in 10 years, this year we did a cruise in Hawaii, ( Everone should see Hawaii ONCE) hawaii was beautiful , and the way to see it is on a cruise ship, less packing and unpacking.But CN is Home
    Both offer all you can eat, but if you are a drinker ( Yes, I have been known to hoist a few) Couples is the way to go, the cruise was 5 to 6 dollar beers and $26 bottles of wine, that adds up real quick.
    also you get off the boat to do the excursions, which were great, but you get home exhausted. got to CN eat , drink and be merry , come home relaxed and in love,,,we are booked for Dec 11 ( I booked in April of 2010)
    Damn I love Couple Negril

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    Never been on a cruise but from what I understand about them our booze bill would be 2 grand at the end of the week on a cruise v/s $0 at couples :-)

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    Daire - I agree with you - and since we can only go on 1 vacation a yr like this, we make it CN. Family ask us why we go to the same place all the time, there are other places to see. We are afraid to spend our money to go some place else. We look forward to going and seeing the employees we have come to know, meeting up with friends we have made there. It is a home away from home. We went on 1 cruise, it was ok, and if we had not gone to CN, we may still be going on cruises, but our 1 vacation a yr is to Jamaica and Couples

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    The other thing to consider is that many people take a cruise on Carnival or Royal Caribbean and judge the whole industry by that. That would be like judging all All Inclusives by just going to one bad AI in the Dominican Republic or Mexico.

    There are cruise lines that stand out above the rest, but just like Couples you're going to have to spend a little extra. There are all-inclusive cruise lines, and cruise lines you can add unlimited alcohol packages to.

    But to each their own.

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