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    Default CSA Jan 2011 anyone?

    Group of about 5 couples from the Indy area getting ready to book for January 2011. Who else wants to met up with us?

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    I just booked our airfare (use frequent flyer miles, so gotta book that early), so I know we'll be at CSA from 1/23-2/2. We definitely will book before 4/15 to get the $500 resort credit. That's a great deal! We got the $350 spa credit and $150 gift shop credit this past January and it was fantastic. Great offer.

    Have you been to CSA before?

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    Default indyjulie

    We're booking January 22-29, 2011 and yes we've been to csw once before. It's fabulous!

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    Hi Indyjulie - Wow, we will be there just about the same time. Do you like to snorkel? We try to snorkel at least once a day.

    What airline are you flying out of Indianapolis? Have you booked your airfare yet? I'm looking at airfare for this summer, and it's killing me. I can't believe how high they are compared to last year.

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    Default Delta Air

    We booked Delta, leaving out of Indy at 6am. Prices aren't too bad for January 2011. Under $500 per person. We snorkel as well, however last time we only went out twice, but we'll probably try to go out more often this next time. We had an ocean view verandah the first time, but booked a garden verandah this time - what types of rooms have you stayed in before? What's your thoughts about each?

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    Looks like we will be going back to csa for our 3rd time. We got married at csa nov. 2008 went back in nov 2009 now coming back jan 24-31!!! cant wait

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    We are also looking for couples who would like to come with us on an excursion. Last november we did the Mayfield falls And Floyds Pelican Bar which was awesome!

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    Hi Julie - I think that all of the "verandah" rooms are exactly the same except for their proximity to the ocean. The only issue at all with the garden verandah suites is if you are a light sleeper - the road noise could be an issue, even with the doors closed and the a/c on. We have always stayed in a beachfront verandah suite. However, I have finally talked Bob into trying the beachfront suites in the old section. No TV, but I just gotta have one of the nice, big verandahs to lounge on! The one thing about CSA is that none of the rooms are very far from the beach. The only thing that's different are the views.

    Brittney & Aaron - glad that you will be there, too. We have not done any big excursions from the CSA side except for Trading Places on our last trip in January. We always try to walk south along the beach, too, when we want to go off-resort. Did you do the catamaran cruise before? That's a fun way to get off-resort. A lot of people do the Appleton Rum tour. Are you leaning towards something more exciting like zip-lining or ATV tours?

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    Default Bob and Judy

    Thanks so much for the room info.
    I was kinda worried about the road noise, but Randy & I couldn't talk our friends into the oceanview or anything without a TV. I can live without both so we may change our room afterall to a oceanview or beachfront.

    Maybe we'll meet you two while we're there.

    We just can't wait - it's going to be a very long 9 months.

    All the best,

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    Bob says: Go Butler Bulldogs!!!

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    We finally made our reservations about two weeks ago. We'll be there Jan. 25- Feb. 1 and are traveling with another couple. It is the week of our anniversary, and January is the perfect time to escape Alaska winters! I went back and forth between an Atrium room and the Great House Verandah Suite. We finally decided on the GHVS because of the wifi- we have young kids and I was planning to Skype with them often.

    My husband and his buddy are interested in a fishing excursion, so they are hoping to find other people also interested once we are there. I hope to spend that day at the spa, blowing our resort credit

    Robin <--- already counting down

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    Hi Robin - that is great that you will be able to escape the winter. We're from Buffalo, so along about late January the winter in Western New York gets very, very old. How long will your flight be? Where will you connect through?

    Have you ever been to Jamaica before? How about an AI?

    I'm always surprised by the number of people we meet at Couples from western Canada, which is quite a haul to Jamaica. But I don't think I've run into anyone from Alaska before. I'm glad that you're making the trip! You are going to love the beach! The new spa is fantastic, too. All of the treatment rooms are air conditioned now, and the jacuzzi in the middle is so tranquil. There are lots of treatments that aren't listed in the on-line brochure (like the stone massage, which was fabulous).

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    Hi Bob (or Judy?) ), I'm not sure how long our flight will be. I haven't booked our flights yet, but I am thinking of flying AK Airlines as far as Orlando and then taking what ever airline has the best time/price from there to MBJ. Most Alaskans that I know head to Mexico or Hawaii for tropical vacations- our major airline, AK Airlines, flies to both places for pretty reasonable prices. We just randomly picked Jamaica, then Negril for the beaches, and once we started really looking into it we were sold! Neither of us have been to an AI before. I've been to Hawaii once with a friend and her family, but otherwise this is our first "real" vacation. Eight years of marriage and two kids later, we're finally going on our honeymoon, I guess )

    Good to know about the spa, thanks for the info!


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    We will be returning to CSA for our fourth time from January 7 -14. WOOHOO!!

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    We will be on our honeymoon January 3rd to the 12th! First time here anyone else here around that time???

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    MA_NewYearsBride you will simply love CSA. It is truly paradise and it is impossible to describe the magic to someone who has not yet been there. Once you go, you will know! Hope to see you there. Make sure yu visit Ultimate Chocolate in the piano bar. He is amazing. we spend most of our evenings there. Already counting the days.

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    Hey MA_NewYearsBride,
    Bobby and I will arrive January 2nd to start off our honeymoon! This is our first time at CSA. We will see you there

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    Just got confirmation today that our dear friends from England that we met this past winter at CSA will be joining us when we return in January. Great news! Watch out CSA, the Brits and Canadians are rendevousing in January. Let the fun begin!

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    Default January 2011

    We are Patriot fans and booked our stay at CSS fro Week of 1/22-1/29. Who knows we coul dbe meeting in playoffs.

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    We will be there same time 1/22-1/29. We both love snorkeling
    From Paul & Kathy from MASS

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    Hey, it's Lin and Robert from Virginia - we'll be there the week of January 15th thru the 22nd!! We typically go in November, but psyched to come in January. Looking forward to havin' fun in the sun!!!!!

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    We booked our dream trip this morning! CSA from January 11-18 and then on to meet up with 2 couples at CSS from the 18-25th! Cannot wait to see "Mr. Chocolate" again and eat that banana stuffed french toast!
    Marnie and Dave, Orangeville ON

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    Where did all the January people go?

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    Hey Marnies - I haven't been on this thread in awhile, it just seemed so far away! We'll be there the week after you. I just used some of my Jamaican sea salts that I bought on our January trip. I swear, that stuff works wonders! I also have some soap and candles that I bought at the CSA gift shop that I parcel out throughout the year to remind us of Couples.

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    I can't wait to go! Where are you from? We come in on Monday and we are staying until the following Wednesday. Is your wedding day the same? I am counting the days!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Brittney View Post
    Hey MA_NewYearsBride,
    Bobby and I will arrive January 2nd to start off our honeymoon! This is our first time at CSA. We will see you there

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