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    Default Reward T-shirts - question

    Hi. We are repeating for the first time. We are planning on getting the Tshirts. How do they fit? As a woman, I am not sure to go up a size? I usually get a large but if they shrink I might go for XL.

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    They do shrink a little.... and if it doesnt you have a great shirt to wear in bed...

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    In our experience, no matter what we request, we receive one medium and one extra-large t-shirt.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    Don't worry about it; it is luck of the draw. I always order two Large. This time I got one Medium and one Small! Go figure. If they have other sizes, they will trade you. Otherwise, use them as gifts .... worked for us.

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    they have tended to run small in our experience

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    Initial size is about like any tshirt but they REALLY SHRINK. Size up if you want to wear it twice.

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    I have found them to run on the small side and they are cotton. If you are not sure, it's no problem to exchange. Just order your size and if it's too small just go to the front desk and ask them to exchange for the next size. I had to exchange my shirt last year because my husband ordered the incorrect size.

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    In our experience they are awful and not consistent at all. We have four and none are usable. The first trip we got a large and a medium but they were two different brands. The medium was very narrow and short but it was preshrunk. The large was made of a much nicer material but was evidently not preshrunk. I wash everything in cold and dry on a very low heat just in case there are stains I missed and the large is now shorter than the medium by about 6 inches but very wide. They don't shrink in a normal way so even if you try to compensate they still end up being a really weird shape. Maybe they have switched brands again by now, not sure. The other two we have are the same brand as the large so they are also a weird short shape. I'm only 5'8" and it is inches from covering my belly button. My husband is 6'0" and very thin so he might be able to fit into the medium but it would be really tight. I really hope they switch to a better quality t-shirt because I would love to take ours to the tie-dying class but it would be a waste since nobody can wear the ones we have. When we first got them at the resort they seemed like they would be a good fit but that only lasted until they were washed.

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    This year they are made of a thinner material...DH and I both got XL and I'm sure they shrunk a bit, but not terribly. I use mine for sleeping in, anyway.

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    I usually wear a large or XL, but the larges here were too small, so I got the XL and it's just fine.

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    They are 100% cotton, so they do shrink some, but not much.
    Irie Mon

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    If your shirt does not fit, there's no problem getting a different size. They are 100 % cotton.

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    We went two sizes larger (no choice -- the were out of XLs, we wears Ls), and they are fine after washing.

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    If you get one and it doesn't fit, just let them know and you can exchange it.

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    Go with the XL. Ours shrunk at least one size. I canít wear one of mine due to it shrinking so much.

    Life is good

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    My advice is if you don't want the tee to fit snug then go up a size. They do seem to shrink a little bit. That was my experience 2 years ago when we got our tee shirts...enjoy!

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    Default Reward t-shirts

    I hope you have more luck than we did. I requested x-large t-shirts (I like to sleep in them), but instead I got a medium. I was very disappointed.

    When we first fell in love with Couples (back in 2002), you did not have to sign up for rewards...they surprised us with return guest t-shirts and coupons for a free massage. It made us feel very special and won our loyalty. Since then, Couples has changed the policy and you have to sign up for the rewards, making us feel less special. The first t-shirts were of good quality and on the back said "topical deja-vu" (much nicer than the current ones) and were the correct size (don't know how they knew). The t-shirts we received last year were too small and of poor quality (much thinner cotton and shrunk a lot). Order the larger size! Good luck getting it.

    I wish Couples would go back to the way it used to be, even if they had to charge $50 more. I felt special back then and appreciated the quality t-shirt. It was just a small thing, but it made a big difference to me. Don't get me wrong, I love Couples...just wish they went the extra mile and provided the reward without making me ask for it. I enjoy my vacation just a little bit less now.

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    Melody- I Tie Dyed mine in Nov. It came out great and gives Brenda and Inja (the tie die ladies)-some business. BTW -didn't order T Shirts but got them anyway. Got a medium and an XL like stated above. Quality not so great but I use them to exercise only. Would love to have a "nice" golf shirt that could be worn outside the home with a small couples logo. It would be good advertising for Couples.

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    Good luck getting the sizes you want. We have donated our shirts to the salvation army each year because they are always too small. Last time the choices I had were medium or 3x.

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    I just wanted to make a quick suggestion regarding the tshirts (more for the powers that be than anything...) -- We love our tshirts, are very grateful, and thank you. I know there must be many moments where you have to shake your head at the requests that are made -- so I am not by any means complaining. We've been several times (thankfully) and therefore have several tshirts... some of which fit, some of which don't.. fine, no big deal (to the original poster: they do shrink a lot)... but maybe in the future, instead of a tshirt, we could get a $10 or so credit to the resort gear shop (I'm thinking specifically of CSA) instead of a the standard tshirt. There really are some lovely items in that shop that I'd love to have (and have even purchased a few).

    Just a suggestion -- please don't discontinue the tshirts all together... I am thankful for the ones I have, especially the special one we rec'd at CN when we were there for the anniversary party one year.
    Melea & Joseph
    CN - '06, '07, '08
    CSS and CSA - '09
    CSA - '10

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    Improvement is needed with the pre-reg and the rewards. We did the online RR check in and got our massage certificates and invitation to the repeaters dinner right away but no candle and oils. I made several phone calls and three trips to the lobby at CSS in Dec before we got them. They are lovely gifts, but it did take some of the fun out of it that I had to ask for it so many times.

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    The t-shirt does not make or break my CN vacation!!!
    One Love,

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    Really Sungoddess? A t-shirt makes you enjoy your vacation a little less? I find that amazing the value you put on a t-shirt.

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    This year we had asked for a L for my husband and an XL for me. We got the large and 2XL. They told me to come back in a couple days and they would exchange. We went back several times and they didn't have the XL. After the second time, I decided I was probably just as well with the 2XL so that if it shrunk, I could still wear it, if not, a good sleep shirt. So if you are trying to decide, it is probably best to go up a size, just in case. It is a very nice gift, not necessary, but just another little perk that makes Couples special. It's a nice reminder of a wonderful vacation for me.

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    I'm just surprised at the number of people who are disturbed when their gifts aren't just right or when they have to ask repeatedly to get them. October was our 15th trip to Jamaica but our first to Couples, all the prior trips were to the same resort and we never got anything for being repeaters...nothin', nada. In fact, I once tried to request a room at check in and was told they didn't honor requests...never mind that when we were showed to our room the one right across from us (the one I wanted) was being cleaned and I'd have happily waited for it, they just didn't honor requests at any point period.

    Now I do realize that we were never promised anything so we didn't expect anything but I guess I still hope I'm never one that gets so hung up on these gifts that I can be upset or complain to any degree if they aren't what I expect. If it's such a disappointment or such a hassle for it's employees to satisfy all of us difficult guests maybe Couples ought to just forgo the gift and we'll all just be happy to be at the greatest resort on the island...period.

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