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    Default Difference between Verendah and Balcony?

    Me and my husband are planning a trip to CSA and I was thinking of booking either the Beachfront Suite or the Beachfront Verendah Suite, but I was wondering what the difference was between the suites. Is it that one has a verendah and the other just has a balcony? In the pics, the outsides look somewhat similar, so what is the real difference? Thanks in advance for your help.

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    The Beachfront Suites are part of the "original" section of CSA. They are in small bungalows with 3 or 4 rooms per building. This category of room does not have a TV. Some of these rooms have huge wrap around balconies (but some have smaller balconies).

    The Beachfront Verandah Suite rooms are in the "new" section. These are in 3-story buildings and there are 12 rooms per building. There are TVs in these rooms. All rooms have big balconies with a ceiling fan.

    Both room categories are right on the beach.

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    lol That is pretty confusing. The balconies are pretty much the same, the ones on the BFS are a bit bigger, some are much bigger. The main difference is the building and location. The BFVS are set up like a hotel, three levels and four rooms right next to each other on each level. They share walls and unless you have a corner, there are only windows on the balcony side. The BFS is totally different. There are four rooms in each building, two on each level. The nice part is that they do not share any common walls so you have privacy and windows on all sides of the building. The building is shaped like a doughnut with plants and trees growing in the middle. All the rooms have one wall facing the middle part rather than sharing that wall with a other room. There is glass in those windows but the rest have screens. There are shutters in all of them though. The other differences are that the BFVS do not have screens, only glass and they have tv's. Due to having a smaller balcony they also have a slightly bigger room too I believe. The BFS are located in the older section towards the Palms and the watersports area and the BFVS are in the newer section by Patois and the swim up bar. The older section has more mature trees and vegetation because it has been there longer and it is closer to the lobby. I really prefer the older section because I love how those rooms feel like your own private bungalow rather than like a hotel room. I also love all the plants and the breeze you get with the screens in the windows. We prefer the main pool to the swim up bar and spend most of our time by the watersports and scuba areas so it's the perfect place for us. Other people like all the opposite things though.

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