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    Default CSA Room Choices

    Hubby and I are planning a trip in July and need advice on our room choice. We love the beach and love the convenience of first floor. We read reviews and are torn between Beachfront Suite and Beachfront Verandah Suite. We like the smaller size of the Beachfront but its not as close to the beach. The BF Verandah seems to be closer to the pool bar. Can you see the ocean on the second floors of the complexes? Is it not very private on the first floor? Does anyone know where I can get a property map listing building numbers, pools, bars, etc.
    Im sure we will not be dissapointed anywhere. However...Please help! Thanks.

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    The one thing to keep in mind is that you can only reserve your room type (BFVS, AS, GVS, etc) but you cannot request a room location within that category. When you check-in you can make a request but not until then and your request will only be granted based on availability...obviously. So if it were me I'd decide on the room type I want and leave the rest to chance. There are positives about each floor so to get your heart set on something and then have it not be available may start your trip off with a bit of a disappointment.

    If you go to the CSA web page and click on "maps and panoramic views" a map comes up that will show you an overhead layout of the resort. Floating over each icon will tell you what it will show you if you click on it, click on it and you get pictures. That may help you decide which room type you want. I guess it depends on how much trouble you plan to have walking back to your room after the days drinks but I wouldn't pick my room in relationship to the location to the pool bar...the BFVS's are closer to the pool with the pool bar though. The beach has two great bars, one near either end, so no matter where your room is you aren't far from a bar.

    We just stayed in a first floor BFVS and the positive was the ability to walk right off the verandah onto the beach...but to get back into the room you still have to go around to the main door so the only advantage there is no steps. The disadvantage (depending on your personal perspective) is that it's a natural human tendency for folks to look at other folks while they are walking around as well as just look at the other rooms. So if you are on that first floor and you are sitting on your verandah the people walking by on the sidewalk are looking at you and they are literally just a few feet away...there is some foliage so you don't quite feel like you are on stage but they have an unobstructed view of the verandah. Also, if you have the curtains open they can see into the room, particularly after dark with the lights on in the room...again, that sidewalk is just a few steps from your verandah and it's ground floor. Having said that I'd love to stay in one again but next time we go I'm doing my best to have no preconceived ideas of my room location and if we get a second or third floor room I'm going to do my best not to compare the two rooms and fall in love with the new one. You are right, you won't be disappointed anywhere. Just pick the room type you want and start looking forward to the trip.

    Now, just a note to those folks who are currently in MY better be taking good care of it cuz I'm coming back. he he he

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    The BFS and the BFVS are equally close to the beach, just different parts of the beach. The BFVS is much closer to the pool bar, some are right next to it. The BFS are on the opposite side by the Palms and the main pool. The vegetation is always changing but you can see the ocean from all of those rooms, you just wont get a clear unobstructed view since there are trees and things on the beach. We had a second floor BFS and the view was very nice. It wasn't pure ocean but you could see and hear the water.

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    We stayed in a BFS and loved it. Ours was on the 2nd floor and was right there on the beach! While the BFVS is closer to the pool bar there's also the Sunset Bar at the mid-point of CSA near the BFS's and the bar by the main pool. Here's a map I found last year of CSA: Name:  CSA Map Dec 2006[1].jpg
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Size:  36.5 KB. Hope this helps and enjoy your visit!

    Bart & Bug

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    Both the BFS and BFVS are very close to the beach path and you will have a view of the Caribbean, although it will be somewhat obstructed by vegetation in either room category.

    In the past, we have stayed in the BFVS rooms. The third floor rooms have the best view in my opinion. You can still see the Sea from the 2nd floor rooms, but on one stay, we could not see the sunset from our second floor room (obstructed by a palm tree). We have never stayed in a first floor room. Yes, you have people walking by. But it is nice to walk off your verandah onto the beach. It's a trade off.

    We have booked a BFS for our next trip (trying something different).

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    Thank you everyone. I think we are gonna stay in a Beachfront Suite. I sure appreciate all the advice!!

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    I prefer the BFS over the BFVS, the view might be a bit more obstructed by foliage but it gives you a nice shady porch and is a bit further from the main sidewalk so much more private if you are on the ground floor. I personally prefer a bit of privacy and would pick a second floor BFVS if going with the newer rooms. Heading to CSA again in November and getting a BFS again. I just love the rooms at CSA.

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    If I'm reading the website correctly, the beachfront rooms do not have a TV while the BFVS does. I know this isn't a huge deal to some, but it could be a deciding factor for others.

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