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    Default Resort Photographer

    With the $500 fee for an outside photographer, I have been seriously considering the Resort Photographer..has anyone used the them at CSA?? If so, please let me know your thoughts...

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    I am curious to know the review's of the CSA resort photographer as well. I also would like to know what the resort dvd is like. I don't have a big budget for photography, but don't want bad pictures and dvd.

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    I did the resort photographer and videographer at CSA. I was so happy with them both. A couple that we met while we were there followed us around and took extra pictures so that we did not need to spend a ton on the extra pics not included in the package. Our whole family was impressed with the wedding DVD. They did a really nice job. When you get the DVD made they set up guards around you, if you do not get the DVD they do not do this. Totally worth it b/c then no one is walking by your wedding.

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    My friends had the resort photographer and their pictures came out great. We will be doing the same thing in June of 2011 at CN.

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    Default Married at CSS last week

    We got married last week and before going agonized over resort vs outside photographer. We finally opted to hire Diana Campbell (and her son Richard) of Digital Memories and it was the best decision we ever made. Since getting home anyone that has seen the pictures have been making comments like "amazing", "breathtaking" and so on. We are so proud of the work she did. Where it was just the 2 of us going and that we had kept it a secret we knew we had better have lots of photos and we do! They we so much fun to work with and really cared about delivering to us a top of the line collection of photo's & dvd.

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